Tuesday, July 17, 2007

La Guêpe Vol 4 - Jazzy & Juicy Selections From Europe

La Guêpe Vol 4 - Jazzy & Juicy Selections From Europe
Label - Dare Dare/Pulp Flavor (France)
Released - 197x/2000
Style - Electronic/Jazz/Funk/Library/OST

(from Dusty Groove)
Maybe the best volume of this already-great series! As with the other volumes, this one collects obscure funky tracks from non-US sources -- mostly from Europe, as the title implies, but we've also spotted a few from off the continent. There's a nicely fresh sound to the set -- with an approach that mixes straight funk with 60s groovy grooves, the sort that you'll find on the best rare European albums! Titles include "If Only" by Gustav Brom, "Peacemaker" by Rosko, "Ketja Rock" by Eberhard Schoener, "Serenna E Lomunno" by Riz Ortolani, "Dark Orchid" by Jayme Marques, "Comin Home" by The Peddlers, "Watch Out For The System" by Yared Orchestra, and "Cool Steel" by The Firebirds.

1. Rosko - Peacemaker
2. Yared Orchestra - Watch Out For The System
3. New Visions - Skinny Dip
4. The Peedlers - Comin' Home
5. The Firebirds - Cool Steel
6. Paul Mauriat - Etude In The Form Of Rhythm n' Blues
7. Gustav Brom - If Only
8. Godchild - La Tête Qui Bout
9. Riz Ortolani - Serenna E Lomunno
10. Jaymes Marques - Dark Orchid
11. Eberhard Schoener - Retja Rock
12. Orchestre Tany Turens - Free Stop



BJ said...

Oh ! Godd LP and good little french label too ! Someone's got vol 1 & 3 ?
Thank you for the other post (Vroom, Pulsar, Roger Roger for ex.).

XMP said...

no probs. will look around for 1 & 3 for you.

BJ said...

oh ! Thank you ;-)

Yerblues said...

Tanx a lot for this LP, great trax here, as usual on this amazing blog. And tanx for the IP trick too. Doesn't work for me, but no problem.

Anonymous said...

HI folks thanks for this. Just a correction for you in track 4, it is the Peddlers not the peedlers; the sound of Roy Phillips voice is unmistakeable. For anyone who has not heard of the Peddlers and likes hammond B3 jazz then you have just struck gold, go and find some more.

Here is a link about them