Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Music de Wolfe - Sultry Moods/Funky Gems

V/A - Music de Wolfe (A Selection of Sultry Moods and Funky Gems)
Label - Vinyl Vultures
Released - 2002
Style - Jazz/Funk/Soundtrack/Library/E-Z Listening/Groovy Shit

1. R. Tilsley - Poparium No. 1 (4:41)
2. B. Stoller - Funky Spider (2:41)
3. N. Ingman - Stomp (2:42)
4. R. Webb - Incantation (3:02)
5. R. Webb - Grey Sigh (2:42)
6. B. Moore - Hot Heels (2:51)
7. J. Trombey - Rock Bed No. 1 (2:25)
8. P. Reno - Silverthrust (4:00)
9. P. Reno - Who's Gonna Buy? (2:42)
10. P. Reno - Barracuda (3:10)
11. F. McDonald/C. Rae - Bank Job (1:53)
12. S. Gray - Hit Man (1:34)
13. N. Ingman - Orgy (2:48)
14. R. Tilsley - Warlock (3:18)
15. P. Reno - Metaton (5:03)
16. S. Haseley - Compressor (3:35)
17. S. Haseley - Precinct (3:37)
18. A. Parker - Black Pearl (2:34)
19. S. Haseley - Response (4:13)

(from Disquarium)
Music de Wolfe (A selection of sultry moods and funky gems)
* CD-R, Vinyl Vulture Communications, UK, 2002
* comment:
o Johan: My rating: 4 points on 5. Another killer comp available from Vinyl Vulture Communications, with 20 fantastic, groovy EZ cuts; among them several Mandingo-type, plus flutes, brass, electric guitars and hammonds galore!
o Vinyl Vulture: The Vulture Crew bring you the pick from our favourite British library label... "Music De Wolfe"... For lovers of dramatic funky grooves the De Wolfe output of the late 60's and early 70's has so much to offer, with a whole series of beautifully realised albums that are almost impossible to obtain due to the promo-only nature of music library distribution. Here we collect together some of the lesser-known, but no lesser quality tracks from these albums for your listening pleasure.



Maryse said...

Your blog ROCKS!!!
Thank you so much!:)

XMP said...

No, YOU rock. And thanks...

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this album, but tracklisting is different than the one on moviegrooves :

Is there a mistake ?

XMP said...

That's the correct tracklisting - this album was just a compilation of Music de Wolfe tracks that the Vinyl Vultures guys (UK) put together. It came with no cover art whatsoever, so I just went with the blue one.