Monday, July 9, 2007

V/A - Super Breaks & Beats Vol. 3

V/A - Super Breaks & Beats Vol. 3
Label - DJ's Choice
Released - ???
Style - Disco/Funk/Breaks/Beats/Instrumentals

Awesome source for origins of some of the most popular breaks in hip-hop history. Any hardcore Bomb Squad/PE fan will recognize some samples from Marva Whitney's 'It's My Thang'... Long live JB!

A1. Shack Up - Banbarra
A2. I Can't Stop - John Davis
A3. Boogie Back - Roy Ayer's Ubiquity
A4. Use Me - Bill Withers
A5. Big Beat - Billy Squire
B1. Impeach The President - The Honey Drippers
B2. It's My Thing - Marva Whitney
B3. Ashley's Roachclip - The Soul Searchers
B4. The Mexican - Babe Ruth
B5. Sex Machine - James Brown


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...:::CHAZ:E:B:::.... said...

This was part of a 6 vol set.
It's kind of an odd one though, it is actually a bootleg record that used tracks from 2 seperate (and more fameous) boot comps: "Ultimate breaks and beats", and Paul winley's "Super Disco Brakes". If you have all 3 sets (like i do) you can compare the scratchyness on the tracks... It's kinda funny when you hear it. None the less this comp was released at a time when it was impossible to find the UBB Collection or the Super disco brakes Collection... At least that was the case in Vancouver BC CANADA. I cant remember exactly when I bought my set of this comp, but i think it was around 88-89.