Friday, August 3, 2007

Piero Umiliani - To-day's Sound

Piero Umiliani - To-day's Sound
Label - Easy Tempo
Released - 1997
Style - Funk, Soul, Jazz, Latin, Samba, Lounge, Easy Listening, Music Library, Lee Library

Notes (from Movie Grooves)
A welcome repressing of another of Piero Umiliani's fantastic library records from the early 70s when he established his own publishing company and studios (also see The Man and the City).

The original LP, only pressed in 300 copies exchanges hands for about $500 or more. Some of the tracks on To-Day's Sound were used in movies; apparently the track "Open Space" is used at the start of Baba Yaga (1973).

(from Dusty Groove)
More fantastic wild stuff by this Italian genius! This CD is filled with cool groovy little cuts featuring the maestro himself on moog, Fender Rhodes, and marimba -- plus instrumentation that includes vibes, flute, and Lowry and Hammond organs. Even more wild than the classic Sweden Heaven & Hell LP, with cool little cuts like "Safari Club", "Free Dimension", "Truck Driver", and "Music on the Road". Wonderful stuff from 1971 -- and another reason why the forces of time and space are converging on the late 90's to make this the best time ever to sample groovy music from around the globe!

1 Open Space
2 Green Valley
3 Caretera Panamericana
4 Goodmorning Sun
5 To-Day's Sound
6 Free Dimension
7 Truck Driver
8 Blue Lagoon
9 Wanderer
10 Lady Magnolia
11 Pretty
12 Railroad
13 Country Town
14 Bus Stop
15 Cotton Road
16 Nocturne
17 Exploration
18 Tropical River
19 Coast To Coast
20 Safari Club
21 Music On The Road

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Anonymous said...

Am loving it. Thanks for the share. However link 2 is for the Suono Libero Album and not for the second part of this one.

XMP said...

oh shit my bad! lemme fix. thanks for pointing that out.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you... just downloading it now. Your selection of albums is superb. Your time and effort in sharing them with strangers across the world is entirely appreciated.

Anonymous strikes again aka Antonio

AMP said...

Thanks Anon Antonio! We're really glad you're enjoying the selections. Hope you like this one - it's one of my favorites.

XMP said...

thanks for the kind words!

Apani said...

Thank you for sharing this gem! Keep up the good music!

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