Friday, August 24, 2007

Dennis Coffey - Black Belt Jones OST [1974]

Dennis Coffey - Black Belt Jones OST [1974]
Label - Warner
Released - 1975
Style - Blaxploitation, Funk, Soundtrack, Breaks

(from Dusty Groove):
Finally -- the long overdue release of one of the funkiest soundtracks ever! The music to Black Belt Jones has always been the stuff of legend -- mostly only issued as a promo single back in the 70s, but funky enough that it's ranked among the best soundtracks of the decade! The score was composed and performed by Dennis Coffey and Luchi De Jesus -- the former a funk star in his own right, the latter the composer of the ultra-hip Friday Foster soundtrack -- and together, the pair have crafted some killer grooves that mix guitars, congas, and blasting orchestrations that could plow Enter The Dragon into the dust! Plus, the soundtrack nicely mixes together bits of dialogue and sound effects from the film -- making things sound a lot like some of those cool Japanese Bruce Lee soundtracks that were floating around from years back. Titles include "Love Theme", "At The Beach", "Main Theme", "Opening Theme", "Drama", "Mafia Theme", and "Sexy".

** This is one of my favorite Blaxploitation soundtracks ever. -xmp


A1Main Theme
A2Sydney's Theme
A3Opening Theme
A4Main Theme (Version 2)
A5At The Beach
A6Symphony For Jones
A8Mafia Theme (Drama Part 2)
B1Love Theme
B2Battle Theme
B3Dragon Style
B4Sexy (Love Theme Part 2)
B5Mr. Jones
B7Super Slick (Get Pinky)


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