Friday, August 3, 2007

Jean-Jacques Perrey - Moog Sensations

Jean-Jacques Perrey - Moog Sensations
Label - Dare-Dare (France)
Released - 2001
Style - Electronic, Funk, Analog, Moog, Lee Library

It's JJP and it's called Moog Sensations. If you don't know, now you know.

1 The Percolator
2 Moog Sensations
3 Aérolithe Alpha
4 Ballet Intersidéral
5 Borborygmus
6 One Zéro Zéro
7 Chronophonie
8 Coeur Synthétique
9 Berceuse Pour Un Bébé Robot
10 Indicatif Spatial
11 Pizzicato Pour Vénus
12 One Two Two
13 Music
14 La Panthère Cosmique
15 Soirée Chez Jean-Sebastien
16 Quand Le Temps Sera Venu
17 Colonie Céleste
18 La Tour Pointue
19 Relaxation
20 Moogie Boogy



Paul Durango said...

hey there
long shot but i was wondering if you have some stuff from french composer Bernard Fèvre ? (<> Behind the library album 'The Strange World of Bernard Fèvre' and the band 'Black Devil Disco Club' sampled by the Chemical Brothers on Got Glint..)

i'm looking for these :

Anyway -- nice share !

XMP said...

LOL my brother seems to know about Black Devil Disco so he might know something. I definitely don't think I've got any of his stuff though...

AMP said...

sorry to say I don't have any Fèvre beyond what i've downloaded from other blogs. haven't seen those albums - yet!

Paul Durango said...

Well thanks anyway..

Here are the titles of the 3 LPs i have from him :

- The Strange World Of Bernard Fèvre (1975, L'Illustration Musicale 23)

- Black Devil Disco Club - 28 After (2006)

- Black Devil - Disco Club (1978, 2006 Re-release)

can upload if you want..

Thundard said...

Le best of de la musique d'illustration! Merci beaucoup!

Anonymous said...

my favorite perrey album! it is so lovely! thank you so much!