Friday, August 3, 2007

V/A - Popshopping Vol. 2: More Music From German Commercials 1962-1977

V/A - Popshopping Vol. 2: More Music From German Commercials 1962-1977
Label - Crippled Dick Hot Wax!
Date Released - 2001
Style - Funk, Soundtrack, Jazz, Latin, Easy Listening, Rock, Commercial Music, Lee Library

Demand determines offer ...and there have been many demands! After releasing the first Popshopping Compilation one of the most frequent questions was "...and when will part 2 come?"

Therefore Senor 45 and Sir d'Oeuvre went again to the dusty tape and flexidisc archives of well-known German jazz composers, flexi-collectors and ad specialists. They fetched back 26 further powerful advertising hits, from cocoa cha cha, over cigarillo swing to the shoe shoe twist. Pop and Beat songs in the manner of economic miracle heydays. Album comes again with extensive linernotes, fullcolor booklet and all the orginal cover art.

Featuring the famous German composers: Martin Böttcher, Charles Nowa, Wolfgang Dauner, Peter Thomas, Peter Schirmann, Johnny Teupen and others!!!

01. Olivin (Peter Schirmann)
02. Zigarillo (Botho Lucas)
03. Exposition K'71 (Herrmann Gehlen)
04. Miss Fenjala (Claudio Szenkar)
05. Sorry Doc (Hartmut Kiesewetter)
06. BMW (Peter Schirmann)
07. Wenn der Teekessel singt (Cat Stevens)
08. Super-Nowa-Jingles (Charles Nowa)
09. London Look (Schäfer / Richter / Hoffmann)
10. Wollsiegel Party (Meier-Maletz)
11. Die deutschen Bullen - die Kraft und der Fortschritt (unknown)
12. Der Mann mit der goldenen Hand (Charles Nowa)
13. Edelkakao Cha Cha (Wolfgang Dauner)
14. Frucade Hit (Hartmut Kiesewetter)
15. Fas neue Haus - Hauptthema (Martin Böttcher)
16. Shoe Shoe Twist (Fischer / Maltz)
17. Opening (Johnny Teupen)
18. Sabaphon TK 125 (Wolfgang Dauner)
19. Olivin 2 (Peter Schirmann)
20. Go To Rallye (Rosenstein / Szenkar)
21. Widia Sound '70 (Martin Böttcher)
22. The World's Over (Ralf Heninger)
23. happy Meeting (unknown)
24. Aral - Den Fortschritt Nutzen (Peter Thomas)
25. Island Of My Dreams (Hartmut Kiesewetter)
26. Lux International (Charles Nowa)
27. Jasmin (Peter Schirmann)

download 2a
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Richard said...

I recently discovered this blog and I have downloaded quite a bit of stuff. Thanks for taking the time to do this.

THXjay said...

Already have this, don't suppose you have volume 1 do you?

Awesome blog

Freddy said...

Hey ! Thanks for this great share and your great blog. Listening to CIGARILLO (From POPSHOPPING 2) at the moment - groovy stuff, to say the least. Amazing album...

Do you know if volume 1 is as great ?

AMP said...

Sorry we don't have vol. 1. I too would really like to get a hold of it some day. I'm glad you all enjoy this volume as much as I do! Thanks as always for the kind comments.


jahzoom said...

Found a valid link for Volume 1:

XMP said...

oh nice 1! thx jahzoom

Any middle-aged German Witch in Amerika, said...

The link to Vol.1 is still alive, hooray! Thank you!!

This Vol.2 is now found everywhere, I actually have it already and was googling the Vol.1, and THAT is really a hard find.

Now I found it here in the comments, haha, checked it (followed link and reacted alive), and will be listening to it tonight when Hubby brings files home from work. Super! Thank you!

And now that I found a new blog to explore, I will look around a bit as well.

Any middle-aged German Witch in Amerika, said...

Wow, thank you so much, for both links for me to pick up. I am German and in the right age to really enjoy this!

And now I am looking around your blog and I discover even more treasures. I will be back.