Friday, August 3, 2007

Nino Nardini - Funny Moogy

Nino Nardini - Funny Moogy
Label - CD-R / Wacky Wacky (France) / Zippy CD Co. / Jack Diamond
Recorded - Early 70s
Released - 2003
Style - Analog, Moog, Funk, Soundtrack, Instrumental, Electronic, Jazz, Breaks, Music Library, Lee Library

(from random old personal page)
# Nino Nardini: "Funny Moogy"

* LP, Crea Sound Library, France, Circa early 1970's
CD-R, Wacky Wacky, France 2003
* comment:
o Jack Diamond Music: If you are a fan of electronic instrumental sounds in the Roger Roger vein, you will LOVE THIS TO BITS ! Animal sounds, weird human voices, sound effects all added and tape manipulated/twisted into, around, upsidedown and rightsideup and throughout electronics that are also manipulated to create some of the most brilliant genius stuff ever created.

1. Presto-Presti
2. Jocky
3. Jolly Farm
can't read the rest and don't have the disc at work w/ me.


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