Wednesday, August 8, 2007

PMX DJs - Rave Face mix

Holding off on new album posts for a couple days due to super busy schedule. But I just finished my first official Ableton-oriented dj mix, so I think I'll post it up.

People still say doing a DJ mix with Ableton is 'cheating' but that's a kettle of bullshit. Although you might not be touching vinyl on Technics turntables, it's a hell of a lot more work than doing a vinyl mix. And if you don't have an ear for mixing records, you won't miraculously become a mindblowing DJ with Ableton overnight. The basic fundamentals of proper old school mixing still apply, like programming and EQ. Can't have two basslines compete for the same frequency space while in the mix! A proper DJ needs to have an ear for tone, key and pitch to a certain extent. Most importantly, a proper DJ needs to know how to beatmatch. And that's not something you pick up overnight. All this stuff applies in the realm of Ableton Live if you're working on a DJ mix.

I could crank out a turntable mix in a couple hours. This Ableton mix took me 3 weeks. Little bit here, little bit there. My main point was to focus on dopeness and throw out the notion of allegiance to any particular genre. Those days are over. Now it's time to initiate musical gangbangs without falling prey to the hyped-up "mash-up" bullshit. I know mixing Jay Z with the Beatles is so totally shocking, but try creating something new that goes beyond the confines of irony. Anyways, here's the joint. Hopefully other people will be into it as much as I am!

PMX DJs present Rave Face
August 2007
styles = hip-hop, miami bass, electro, techno, acid, hardcore, breakbeat, bleeps'n'bass
256k mp3

Booka Shade - Night Falls
The Ace of Clubs - Benefist
Kushti - Butta Vapour
Zoo Brazil - Reek'd
Vibert - Doin' the Do
Motorbass - Flying Fingers
Mike Flowers Pops - Pound Your Ironing Board
Neil Landstrumm - Rockers the Underground King
Neil Landstrumm - Yorkshire Steel Cybernetics
2 Live Crew - What I Like (beatbox edit)
Soul Oddity - Freq Shift
Phoenecia - Can
Luke Vibert - Mate Tron
Luke Vibert - Asheed
Etienne de Crecy - Out of my Hands (dj mehdi rmx)
E.U. - Puerto
Robert Babicz - Cristal garden
DJ's Unite - DJ's Unite
DJ Magic Mike - Jeep Jammy
D'Arcangelo - Sundart


Anyone who was heavy into the rave scene back in the 90s should be familiar with the Rave Face phenomenon. It's basically after a night of heavy raving, either when the sun's come up or they turn the fluorescent lights on all bright to get people out. Although not exclusive to dark and dirty warehouses, those venues had the best Rave Face results. Look around at everyone - see that girl over there looking all fucked up, shaking? RAVE FACE. OMG is that dude chewing through his bottom lip? RAVE FACE.


AMP said...

getcha Rave Face on, dub!

XMP said...

itz a classic.

snowbewon said...

man, rave face, that reminds me of Sunday Service in Baltimore....word.

XMP said...

OH hahaha Sunday Mass?!?! Man remember that time we went there with Andy and some dude from Florida I think, and Phil and Pico? Hanging out by the bleachers @ Paradox during daylight hours. Dudes playing b-ball. Crazyness.

aorto said...

Rave Face. Ah, memories...

Never thought I'd be saying that about the Rave Scene. Hard to imagine that it has become popularized to the point of cliche.

Great site. Great music. The best part about it is that so much of your stuff isn't available on either Amazon or iTunes.

Checkin' out your mix.

Shine on...

XMP said...

Rave Memories is a bit of a paradox, no? Actually no, I have quite a few vivid and innocent memories from the early East Coast rave era, before all the drugs and shitty people jumped on board.

Alot of those tracks are from vinyl, so wouldn't show up on Amazon or anything like that. Enjoy!

seandonson said...

I've seen and had some fucked up rave faces in my day.

XMP said...

i love your blog.

s o l e p o w e r said...


The largest repository of Library music I have seen yet !!!

Magnastic job. Thank u. More soundlibrary !!!

XMP said...

Wow thanks a ton!

And thank you for the cool new vocabulary!