Tuesday, August 28, 2007

V/A - I-Robots: Italo Electro Disco Underground Classics

V/A - I-Robots: Italo Electro Disco Underground Classics
Label - IRMA (Italy)
Recorded - Early 80s
Released - 2004
Style - Electronic, Electro, Italo-Disco, Lee Library

(from Dusty Groove):
A great look at an oft-neglected chapter of underground club -- the excellent electronic work coming out of Italy in the early 80s! The Italian approach to the music was certainly influenced by the sounds of New York, Germany, and England at the time -- but it also had its own flavor -- a kind of unabashed love of the dancefloor, and a subtle hope that disco would someday come again! The grooves on the set are all spare and electronic, but also quite infectious -- with a really strong focus on the hook, and a stripped-down sound that somehow makes them even more compelling. Titles include "Robot Is Systematic" by 'Lectric Workers, "Dance Boy Dance" by Alexander Robotnick, "Stranger In A Strange Land (club)" by NOIA, "Collision (rmx)" by Sphinx, "Pinguins Invasion (hot version)" by Scotch, "Plastic Doll (rmx inst)" by Dharma, "Walking In The Neon (club)" by Peter Richard, "Wonderful (inst)" by Klein & MBO, "I Need Love (inst)" by Capricorn, and "Spacer Woman (voc)" by Charlie.

1 Charlie - Spacer Woman (Vocal) (7:28)
2 Capricorn - I Need Love (Instrumental) (6:13)
3 Sun La Shan - Catch (Dub Version) (5:25)
4 Peter Richard - Walking In The Neon (Club Version) (8:18)
5 Sphinx - Collision (Remixed) (6:39)
6 'Lectric Workers - Robot Is Systematic (7:03)
7 Dharma - Plastic Doll (Remixed Instrumental) (5:40)
8 Scotch - Penguin's Invasion (Hot Version) (4:54)
9 Steel Mind - Bad Passion (Instrumental Version) (4:50)
10 Kano - Ikeya-Seki (5:51)
11 N.O.I.A. - Stranger In A Strange Land (Club Mix) (7:31)
12 Alexander Robotnick - Dance Boy Dance (5:09)
13 Klein & M.B.O. - Wonderful (Instrumental) (4:44)

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Reza said...

looks interesting, not one I've seen before

megaupload absolutely no prob :)

XMP said...

thanks man. I prefer not using megaup, but RS don't play with 100+ mb files.

Anonymous said...

Great post.

Any similar would be greatly appreciated.


Paul Durango said...

Great indeed!

More of this kind of stuff (and perhaps a bit older) would be superbe!

Cheers and bravo!

heeeth said...

Thank for this!

AMP said...

Sure wish that I had more like this to share. I'm just glad that I snatched this up when it was first released!

XMP said...

Hey Paul - I'm always looking for quality italo/dubby electronic disco b-sides. Trust me, I'll post whatever I find. It's just that alot of this stuff was released on vinyl only - and they didn't sell all that much. So each pressing was fairly limited, from what I understand. There's not much on CD but I think it's making a comeback, so I'll keep my eye out for stuff.

AMP said...
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Anonymous said...

this is a great compilation! Anyone who likes these prime italo gems might wanna look into stuff by the likes of Mito, Pineapples, Gay Cat Park, Q, Laser Dance and Cyber People. Or for a contemporary twist, check out Black Devil Disco Club, Prins Thomas, Lindstrom and Sally Shapiro!

XMP said...

Black Devil Disco Club is the shit. Never heard of Gay Cat Park but I'm already their biggest fan.

Sebastian said...

haha I think Gay Cat Park only ever had one 12". It's called "I'm a Vocoder" and it's about being a vocoder. Looks like clone records are re-releasing it: http://www.clone.nl/item9737.html

Keep up the wonderful blog, by the way!

XMP said...

oooh being a vocoder, in the subjunctive. I love it. Clone Records is a great label!