Thursday, August 2, 2007

Barigozzi Group - Optical Sound

Barigozzi Group - Optical Sound
Label - Easy Tempo
Released - ?
Recorded - Early 70s
Style - Bossa Nova, Soul, Jazz, Easy Listening, Soundtrack, Music Library, Lee Library

1 Red Face
2 Silver Legs
3 Blue Hairs
4 Golden Eyes
5 Violet Lips
6 Theme For Aretha
7 Arcavolo
8 Hong Kong Wind
9 Insistence
10 Mendes Day
11 Lilac Arms
12 Black Heart
13 Grey Cheeks
14 Ivory Breast
15 White Neck
16 Message From The Jungle
17 African Popcorn
18 Brasilian Butterfly
19 Flute Safari
20 Urubamba
21 Tarzan Dance

(from Dusty Groove)
Excellent lost funky work from Italy! The Barigozzi Group were one of these obscure little combos that churned out tight funky tracks for bigger outfits -- very much in the style of I Gres, Marc 4, or some of the other great Italian groups that are being discovered lately. Their strength was a great keyboard sound, augmented by some wonderfully produced guitars, nicely flanged or wah-wahed, and some excellent drums, played in a nice tight stiffly rhythmic style. This package includes a whopping 21 cuts pulled from 3 lost alubms -- all wrapped up in a wonderful looking cover that's one of the nicest Easy Tempo have dropped on us to date! Titles include "Tarzan Dance", "Blue Hairs", "Silver Legs", "Ivory Breast", "Black Heart", "Theme For Aretha", "Hong Kong Wind", and "Message From the Jungle". Great stuff!

(from Score Baby)
Although the music collected on The Optical Sound isn't soundtrack music per se, it clearly falls into the related camp of Sound Library.

Fans of the Easy Tempo series will recognize three of the 21 tracks here from Vol. 2: Psycho Beat. All three came from one of the original records collected on this Barigozzi Group collection. The tracks "Silver Legs" "Red Face" and "Violet Lips" come from Woman's Colours, which was originally released on Minstrel. The other records collected here are Rock in the Air and The Tropicals, both of which were released on Jump. Though the original release dates aren't noted, all could be dated in that critical period of the late 60s, early 70s.

Most of the tracks adhere to a no nonsense groovy loungecore sensibility. The group's sound boasts soulful organ and piano, tight brass, raspy flute, rolling electric bass lines and crisp funky drumming. And the stuff from The Tropicals has an exotica feel in the arrangements.



Anonymous said...

OK: if this is loungecore, then I think I can safely begin telling others, when they ask who he was, that CTW composer Joe Raposo was apparently a loungecore master ahead of his time. A lot of these tracks definitely got that Raposo touch - except Raposo's material is even stronger than these tracks are, and is currently driving diggers crazy planetwide.

"Who was Joe Raposo," you ask?

Meet the great man here:

For cuts, YouTube search him and be amazed.

All bow down to the little Portuguese master.

J.C said...

i would like to make a request for this album

iv been looking for it in blogland with no luck. i also tried other online stores and all i get is out of stock. if you dont have this; its worth checking out, so as the other releases from hotwax trax. keep up the good work, i appreciate the post