Wednesday, August 1, 2007

V/A - Le Jazzbeat! Vol. 1

V/A - Le Jazzbeat! Vol. 1 (Jerk, Jazz & Psychobeat de France)
Label - Jazzman
Released - 1999
Style - Electronic, Lounge, Acid Jazz, Jerk, Breakbeat, Music Library, Lee Library

Notes (from Jazzman)
The archives of the French music libraries contain some of the most startling and original compositions of modern times. During the '60s and '70s many of the France's most innovative composers and musicians joined together to showcase their amazing talents by writing and performing music to accompany French film, TV and radio broadcasts. Much of the style of this music was conceived during the time of the Paris riots of '68; the psychedelic movement was in full swing and world politics were undergoing an upheaval. This in turn led to a period of enormous creativity in nearly all musical genres, and many of the most radical moments of 20th century music were created during this time. This album reflects some of these moments and concentrates on the phenomenal jazzy beats and grooves that emerged from France from 1968 through the '70s. One of these music libraries was Musique pour l'Image (MPI) from which the tracks for 'Le Jazzbeat' were taken. MPI was created in Paris 1968 by mad-about-jazz Robert Viger, a little-known pianist and composer. Viger had previously confined his jazz to sessions with friends but in the prevailing mood decided to record his work and use jazz-based music in the increasingly popular media of film and TV. He created the MPI label to produce a series of recordings using his friends and the musicians he knew to make the music. The musical policy always had a jazzy flavour to it - whether it was a modern jazz ensemble or a small group experimenting with the latest electronic instruments. The records were manufactured in very short runs on 10" or 12" vinyl before being sent to broadcasting houses, advertising agencies and the like. Until now the music has never been available to the public as it could only be heard backing TV ads or scenes in French movies. It's Robert Viger's untainted vision that has produced this cutting-edge music which has both spanned and created sub-genres. Using only the latest recording techniques available at the time and many of France's most visionary and talented artists, it's the serious quality on offer that's the key to the appeal of this music.

(Review from Scorebaby)
Will we ever get enough of funky French library music? Of course not. This Jazzman set is billed as "jerk, jazz and psycho beat de France" from the French label Musique pour L'Image (MPI), founded in Paris 1968 by "mad about jazz" Robert Viger. It's all music recorded for use in random TV, film and radio programs.

Le Jazzbeat's thirteen tracks of catchy, soul-inflected, breakbeat grooves are hardly enough. There isn't a stinker in the bunch, which favors the work of Vladimir Cosma and Claude Vasari.

Each track comes with a helpful description, sure to please sample-happy DJs. "Turbine" features "weird repetitive wah and electronic sounds." "Punching Ball" features "quirky organ thing with flip-top bongo." And so on.

1 Richard Eldwin - Binairement (3:02)
2 Vladimir Cosma - Ultra Pop'op (2:26)
3 Vladimir Cosma - Black Flowers (4:20)
4 Georges Arvanitas - Black And White (3:27)
5 Claude Vasori - Turbine (1:45)
6 Claude Vasori - Matches (4:02)
7 Claude Vasori - Accroche-toi Caroline! (2:50)
8 Claude Vasori - Punching Ball (2:25)
9 Claude Vasori - Sybernetic (1:25)
10 Vincent Geminiani - Ophis Le Serpentaire (2:35)
11 Manu Dibango - Wilderness (3:20)
12 Claude Vasori - Drugpop (4:09)
13 Daniel Janin & Robert Viger - Nobel Tower (2:35)



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