Monday, August 27, 2007

V/A - Blue Brazil Vol. 1: Blue Note in a Latin Groove

RE-UP April 21, 2008

V/A - Blue Brazil Vol. 1: Blue Note in a Latin Groove (please ignore the awful cover "art")
Label - Blue Note
Release - 1994
Style - Brazil, Bossa Nova, Jazz, Latin Jazz, Lee Library

(from Dusty Groove): One of the best Brazilian compilations you could ever buy! Fantastic compilation of rare Brazilian jazz cuts, put together by London DJ Joe Davis for Blue Note UK. Includes some of the finest material from the EMI-Odeon Brazil catalog! The tracks are a stunning mix of bossa, jazz, Brazilian funk, and lots lots more! Still one of the best-ever Brazilian compilations we've heard, and if you were ever looking for a good introduction to the music, this is it!

1 Luiz Arruda Paez - Upa Neguinho (2:36)
2 Alaide Costa - Catavento (2:42)
3 Mandrake Som - Berimbau (4:06)
4 Quarteto Novo - Vim De Santana (5:13)
5 Perry Ribiero / Bossa 3 - Deus Brasiliero (1:55)
6 Milton Banana Trio - Primitivo (2:41)
7 Milton Banana Trio - Noa Noa (1:59)
8 Edu Lobo - Viola Fora De Moda (2:51)
9 Bossa 3 - Nao Me Diga Adeus (3:33)
10 Marcos Valle - Batucada Sergiu (2:18)
11 Joyce - Aldeia De Ogum (4:35)
12 Lo Borges - Tudo Que Voce Podia Ser (3:48)
13 Som Três - Homenagem A Mongo (4:23)
14 Elza Soares - Deixa Isso Pra La (2:31)
15 Quarteto Novo - Misturada (4:19)
16 Eumir Deodato - Bebe (2:31)
17 Johnny Alf Um Tema P'ro Simon (3:09)



Anonymous said...

wouldlove to listen to this, the link is broken I am afraid, can you restore it? thanks! enrico

Anonymous said...

i also would love to hear this album- please could you reup it? im desperate for it!

AMP said...

Hey guys, thanks for the patience. I'll get this re-upped shortly!

Anonymous said...

stabile link. still available! so come and join, you masses! btw, need to combine saying thanks for your precious posting with my personal recommandation to think about giving this cover a second chance. not only the transition of the label color is done with biggest virtues. the more you look on this cover, the more influences from different centuries and different parts of the world are to find. labelling in a small world: from french fashion design into the deep woods of southern germany ... you note. we note. blue note. note our arrival in yesterdays future.

somejerk said...

this is great, been listening to it non-stop. thanks!

su said...

Hi, maybe you can also upload chapters 2 and 3 of the
Blue Brazil, Blue Note in a Latin Groove series.
And thank you very much for the first one.

sweetbeats said...

Great Album loved this back in the day-cheers Jason