Friday, August 31, 2007

Black Mama, White Mama OST

Black Mama, White Mama OST
Label - Beyond
Released - 1972
Style - Funk, Soul, Blaxploitation, Soundtrack, 70s

1. Harry Betts - Main Title/Bus Ride [2:10]
2. Harry Betts - Follow Me [0:31]
3. Harry Betts - Day in the Oven [1:06]
4. Harry Betts - Ambush [2:48]
5. Harry Betts - Girls Exit Oven [0:22]
6. Harry Betts - Bus Stop [1:04]
7. Harry Betts - Police Check Point [0:46]
8. Harry Betts - Luis' Work Shed [0:43]
9. Harry Betts - Bloodhounds [1:17]
10. Harry Betts - Challenge and Battle [2:29]
11. Harry Betts - Ambust/Escape and Roundup [5:04]
12. Harry Betts - End Credits [0:57]

Lee Daniels (portrayed by Pam Grier), a prostitute doing hard time in an island prison camp for women where the guards have a new way to punish inmates who fight: by cuffing them together. Chained to her bitter rival, white revolutionary Karen Brent (portrayed by Margaret Markov), Lee finds herself literally linked to the revolutionary cause, and on the fly, when Karen's guerilla friends stage a coup. But Lee has a cause of her own in the form of a secret stash of cash and a getaway boat. Brawling with her white counterpart over which way to go, she's got to make her escape, before both mamas' enemies bring them down.

Funky ass soundtrack! Harry Betts' score for Black Mama, White Mama is funky but fraught with dramatic tension. On Black Mama, White Mama, Latin percussion underscores episodic passages of mounting danger ("Police Check Point") and flight ("Bloodhounds").



thesupremeunknown said...

Nice OSTs! I enjoyed those the other week. Shaft in Africa is just amazing. The main theme has long been one of fav songs. The Thing with Two Heads definitely looks like an offensive show but at least the soundtrack is on point. Any chance you guys have the Who Dares Wins OST by Roy Budd? That is probably number 1 on my radar right now as far as rare groove goes. Hope all is good on your end.

XMP said...

thanks d-man