Friday, August 3, 2007

V/A - SoHo Lounge Heat

V/A - SoHo Lounge Heat
Label - EMI
Recorded - 60s/70s
Style - Movie Grooves, Crime-Funk, Funk, Soul, Jazz, Dope, Chill, Lee Library


(from Score Baby):
The title -- Soho Lounge Heat -- makes this top shelf collection of library music from Cavendish and Boosey & Hawkes studios circa 1969-77 sound like some nu-jazz "chill" collection for the night spot du jour. But be not detered, Soho Lounge Heat delivers cinematic funky grooves of the highest order.

Composed and arranged primarily by Dennis Farnon (along with Trevor Duncan, John Cacavas, Pete Moore, John Scott and Sam Fonteyn), the set may span '69-'77, but the bulk comes from '72 and '74.

Fans of sound library collections like Luke Vibert's Nuggets, Le Jazzbeat, Stereo Ultra and Stroboscopica will really dig this EMI release. There's plenty of throbbing bass, funky drums and a jazzy cinematic vibe that just won't quit.

Some of the titles are telling: "The Trackers," "The Big Score," "Acapulco Connection," "Border Incident," "Shanghai Caper," "The Armenian File," and so on. This is the soundtrack for the movie in your mind.

1. Dennis Farnon - The Ttackers
2. Trevor Duncan - Funkrund
3. Dennis Farnon - The Rally
4. John Cacavas - The Big Score
5. Dennis Farnon - The Sandpiper
6. Dennis Farnon - Gin And Tonic
7. Pete Moore - Two Bars
8. Dennis Farnon - Snowmobile
9. Dennis Farnon - Acapulco Connection
10. Dennis Farnon - Southbound
11. Dennis Farnon - Tournament
12. Sam Fonteyn - One Way Trip (Cool Version)
13. Dennis Farnon - The Baltic Caper
14. Dennis Farnon - Coast Road North
15. Dennis Farnon - Border Incident
16. Dennis Farnon - Pardon
17. Dennis Farnon - Taco Brazil
18. Dennis Farnon - Lady Killers
19. Dennis Farnon - Soul Type Blues
20. Dennis Farnon - Motor Cross
21. John Scott - Big Fingers
22. Dennis Farnon - Shanghai Caper
23. Dennis Farnon - The Armenian File
24. Dennis Farnon - Night Driver
25. Dennis Farnon - Savannah Flyer

download 1
download 2


Gathering_Of_The_Tribe said...

I have volume 2 of Soho Lounge if anyone would like me to upload it.


XMP said...

yes yes! please invite me to your blog pleeeeease

Licorice Pizza said...

Yeah how do you ever let someone know you want to be included in an invite only. No email addy to speak of on any of these. Soho 2 for me 2. LP

A Dashing Blade said...

Took this one, Moog Sensations and the album cover book. Excellent and eclectic stuff you've got here!

Clint's archive said...

Lovin it lovin it lovin it! You continue to amaze me my friend, thanks so much for all the hard work, KEEP IT COMING!


Clint's archive said...

Licorice Pizza that's a very good point, I've often wondered this myself, wouldn't mind joining this also...

Anonymous said...

superb blog simply the best the posts are all awesome . keep up the good work . theres a request im trying to obatain a caertain cd but there is only one site i can find it at & it always says its out of stock do you know where i can get my hands on one many thx the cd is called Da Film Erotici:
Il Placere della Musica
and you can find it at many thx in advance

AMP said...

hay that's a hard one to find! i couldn't locate it on GEMM or ebay. looks like it may be available here, but i know nothing about the distributor:

(if trouble viewing link, select down to the next line, Crtl+C, paste in new browser window)

Gathering_Of_The_Tribe said...

Ok here's Volume 2 which covers Cavendish and Amphonic librarys.
It could be rare,my cd copy has promotional copy only on it.


Gathering_Of_The_Tribe said...

blogspot is

Anonymous said...

many thx for looking alas they also say not in stock. thing is i only heard one track on it and it totally blew me away the mort shuman track called get it up baby anyways if i do find teh cd or the track ill be sure to ask you i fyou want me to upload it to yourself. many thx again

AMP said...

Many thanks Steve! Can't wait to listen.

Clint's archive said...

Thank you steve, do you have more of this stuff on your blog, and if so, how do we get invited?

XMP said...

Thanks for that link, Steve - and thanks everyone else for all the comments. I will keep an eye out for the Film Erotici and let you know if I come across anything...

if you notice alot of questions being answered by AMP, we are brothers and he has all this source material + knowledge about the Library stuff and soundtracks etc.

Paul Durango said...

hi all,
as you may see in gathering_of_the-tribe's zip file, there aren't any tracks titles.. (<> track05, track06, track07)

i renamed them and tagged 'em properly.. and add a cover to the whole shebang..

pw : soho

Many thanks to him anyway!

XMP said...

Merci, Paul!

soundsational said...

reminds me of my old blog...

XMP said...

hopefully in a good way?

Beddoes said...

Excellent, cheers for helping out in my search for library music! Taco Brazil is a fave from this album.

Anonymous said...

Superb blog brother.

Many thanks for the time and effort you put in.

Any chance of a re-up on this one man ?

Check out my new mix at InnaSoul blogspot


XMP said...

yah if I can find it I'll post it...

Kors Tha Force said...

Love your blog guys! I always make a comment when i get stuff from you and it's always super!

Any chance of a re-up of part 1?


Kors Tha Force