Friday, August 24, 2007

V/A - Catch Up Vol. 1

V/A - Catch Up Vol. 1
Label - Crippled Dick Hot Wax (DE)
Released - 2003
Recorded - 1975
Style - Soul, Funk, Jazz, Breaks, Lounge, Sound Library, Lee Library

(from Dusty Groove):
A classic bit of 70s funk from Germany -- and a long-lost treasure finally back out again on reissue! This rare 1975 set was the brainchild of 3 of Germany's funkiest jazz players -- drummer Charly Antolini, whose drums crackled on some of the best MPS recordings; keyboardist Max Greger Jr, who made some great straighter albums in the 60s; and bassist Milan Pilar, an electric player with a really warm and round tone. Together, the trio grooves through some excellent funky numbers -- really jamming with a soulful groove, as Greger switches effortlessly between piano, moog, Fender Rhodes, mellotron, and organ! Includes the funky break classic "Onkel Joe" -- plus gems like "Moonlight On a Bald Head", "Catch Up", "Blues For The Kaiser", "Lydia", and "Spinning Wheel". Their first album 'Catch Up' was recorded in 1975 in the legendary Munich Studios, for the label Calig. Rare Groove addicts consider this album as a speciality.

01. Catch Up
02. Bordun
03. Onkel Joe
04. Moonlight On A Baldhead
05. Lydia
06. Blues For The Kaiser
07. A Night Without Dreams/The Little Things That Make Us Happy
08. Spinning Wheel



thisistomorrow said...

hi there... just discovered your blog today... nice selections... i have added your link on my blog, would be cool if you could do the same... mike

XMP said...

Most definitely. thanks for the linkups!

feint operation said...

Hi- This is a killer set !! Thanks a million for all of your hard work. If you're looking for anything for the blog let us know.
Cheers, F.O. New Zealand

thesupremeunknown said...

Damn, I want to stay up later now and try and catch all this here. Not sure if I can but I'll definitely do some grabbing at least. Good looking batch of stuff again. Lee library has expanded my collection in a large way. Thanks again.

XMP said...

Thanks, buddies!

Feint Ops: Definitely interested in these, from your site:

Highly Strung. "British 60's Instrumentals"

Jazz Dance Classics Vol. 3 (Luv n Haight) "Funky Jazz"

Hip City. (Luv n Haight) "Funky Jazz"

Peculiar Hole In The Sky. "Australian 60's Pop/Psyche"

Soulful. (Luv n Haight) "Funky Jazz"

AMP said...

Cheers F.O.! I and others are interested in hearing Pop Shopping Vol. 1. Love that Vol. 2 which is posted here at ICOOYS. Thanks for the comments everyone!

feint operation said...

Hey guys- Let me know the best way to get those CD's to you. I started my own blog but still cant figure out how to upload music, so I just gave up Ha Ha !!!
I can try to upload them again or can just burn copies and mail them to you, no problem.
Shoot me an e mail at feintoperation@gmail
That list is only partial, will add to it soon.

XMP said...

i was wondering what the deal was with all that!