Friday, August 3, 2007

The Music Library Book - Bonus Disc

The Music Library Book - Bonus Disc
Graphic Art & Sound
Library Music LP Cover Art
from the 60s & 70s
Date Published: October 2005
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About "The Music Library" book
This is the long awaited hardback book The Music Library, compiled by Jonny Trunk (with the help of his library record collecting buddies) and designed by award winning UK design group, Fuel Design.

The Music Library is a fantastic coffee table book comprising of 208 pages containing 326 full colour reproductions of the brilliant cover art used on music library LPs during the 60s and 70s (see samples on the left). The quality of the design on these LP covers is phenomenal, kinda strange, considering that they weren't actually available to the general public.

As an added bonus, also included is a 17 track CD containing a selection of previously unreleased 60s and 70s library music tracks!

Bonus CD tracklisting:
01. Basil Kirchin - Broad Highway (1.35)
02. Jean-Jacques Debout - Sun-Kissed Chicks (2.19)
03. Herve Roy - Spring Leitmotiv (2.06)
04. Raymond Guiot & Guy Pedersen - Flutes Ad Libitum (2.45)
05. Li de la Russe (D. Derbyshire) - Delia's Psychadelian Waltz (0.37)
06. Nick Harrison - The Loner (2.42)
07. Luis Conti - Zapata (2.26)
08. Jean-Jacques Debout - Pop Bazaar (2.22)
09. P. A. Dahan and M. Camison - Suspense No.1 (3.56)
10. Pierre Dutour - Wild Trumpets (2.33)
11. Guy Pedersen - Kermesse Non Héroïque (13.17)
12. Yanko Nilovic - Chantelle's Party (2.16)
13. Guy Pedersen - Bass In Love (3.31)
14. P. A. Dahan and M. Camison - Piano + Piano (2.44)
15. P. A. Dahan and M. Camison - Super Carrousel (1.44)
16. Sauveur Mallia - Synthetic Neutron (4.11)
17. Basil Kirchin/Roy Neave - First Step (b) (4.14)



Burst Labs said...

This book rocks! We found a copy in a little gift shop in LA last year... music library fans are well served by you and your kickass info. Keep it up!

XMP said...

I agree. I really want some of that stuff poster-sized but it's probably impossible or very expensive... thanks for the comment!