Friday, August 24, 2007

Willie Hutch - Foxy Brown OST [1975]

Willie Hutch - Foxy Brown OST
Label - Motown
Released - 1974
Style - Funk, Breaks, Blaxploitation, Soundtrack, Soul

This is another one of my favorite Blaxploitation-era (i hate calling it that, but it is what it is) funk soundtracks. I've recognized little bits and pieces from various hip-hop and R&B songs that were made much later, but the one that really sticks out is from 'Out There.' The intro to that track and the distant "Out There" echoed sample I've heard in more than one production. Great funky, sleazy stuff!

(from Dusty Groove):
A monster! Foxy Brown is Willie Hutch's magnificent soundtrack for Foxy Brown -- a Pam Grier blacksploitation film from the early 70s -- and it's pure genius all the way through, a record filled with some of the best funky soundtrack cuts of the era! Willie's got a real Curtis Mayfield sound here -- with a dope mixture of full orchestrations and heavy funk, guitar riffing away as drums snap tightly across the album's best rhythms! Includes the classic funky numbers "Ain't That Mellow Mellow" and "Give Me Some of that Good Old Love" -- plus "Whatever You Do", "Foxy Lady", "You Sure Know How To Love Your Man", "Theme Of Foxy Brown", "Out There", and "Chase".

1 Chase (2:30)
2 Theme Of Foxy Brown (2:24)
3 Overture Of Foxy Brown (0:57)
4 Hospital Prelude Of Love Theme (2:50)
5 Give Me Some Of That Good Old Love (3:42)
6 Out There (2:42)
7 Foxy Lady (4:01)
8 You Sure Know How To Love Your Man (3:50)
9 Have You Ever Asked Yourself Why (All About Money Game) (3:24)
10 Ain't That (Mellow, Mellow) (2:57)
11 Whatever You Do (Do It Good) (3:03)
12 I Can Sho' Give You Love (5:10)


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