Friday, August 31, 2007

Johnny Pate - Shaft in Africa OST

Johnny Pate - Shaft in Africa OST
Label - ABC Records
Released - 1973
Style - Funk, Soul, Blaxploitation, Soundtrack, r&b, 70s

A1 You Can’t Even Walk In The Park (Opening Theme) (2:30)
A2 Are You Man Enough? (Main Title) (2:10)
*Vocals - Four Tops
A3 Aleme Finds Shaft (1:33)
A4 Shaft In Africa (Addis) (3:04)
A5 Headman (2:14)
A6 El Jardia (3:02)
B1 Are You Man Enough? (3:27)
*Vocals - Four Tops
B2 Jazar’s Theme (1:33)
B3 Truck Stop (2:15)
B4 Aleme’s Theme (2:17)
B5 El Jardia (Reprise) (1:43)
B6 Are You Man Enough? (End Title) (0:43)

One of the undisputed classics of the blaxploitation soundtrack. The weak tracks, of which there are few, are massively outweighed by the sheer exuberance of the great funk material on the album. A guaranteed dancefloor monster, featuring a superb vocal number by The Four Tops at their peak, and simply magnificent keyboard-driven big band funk from Johnny Pate. An essential album.

It was only a matter of time before this beauty got a reissue - it's the classic Shaft in Africa soundtrack by Johnny Pate with a title song by The Four Tops.

Pate does a brilliant job with the Shaft in Africa soundtrack by combining explosive percussion-heavy funk and tender soul songs to give us one of the best blaxploitation soundtracks ever!

(from B1llb0ard)
The "ubiquitous hip-hop sample of the moment" award goes to the horn loop from Johnny Pate's "Shaft in Africa."

The track, from the 1973 soundtrack of the same name, is prominently featured in "Show Me What You Got," the lead single from Jay-Z's new "Kingdom Come" (Roc-a-Fella/Def Jam), and "We Gon' Make It," the opening song from Diddy's recently released "Press Play" (Bad Boy).

* not to mention the horn and bongo breakdown in the middle of the track. Heavily sampled break in early hip hop records; the main record that comes to mind is Cookie Crew's 'Born This Way (Let's Dance)' from 1988. - xmp



DJ durutti said...

damn this is a great soundtrack. i'm lovin' this blaxploitation focus. As for Rosey Grier / Ray Milland . . . "The Thing With Two Heads" is one of those so bad it's good flicks that could arguably make BOTH the 100 worst and best movies of all time lists (OK, maybe more like 500 best movies of all time).

p.s. Have not heard cookie crew's "Rock Da House" or "Born Ths Way" for quite some time.

XMP said...

cookie crew request? close enough.

demons said...

thanks! favor returned. =)

XMP said...

Hey thanks. that was mighty quick commenting ;) Can't wait to see what else you've got in store @ IDM share ...

Anonymous said...

Big thanks for these blaxploitation gems dude. Looking forward to seeing where you go next.



XMP said...

I've got another few soundtracks to post, and then we're taking a detour elsewhere ;)