Monday, August 20, 2007

Walter Wanderley - When It Was Done

Walter Wanderley - When It Was Done
Label - A&M/CTI (Japan)
Released - 1968
Style - Brazil, Funk, Bossa Groove, Jazz, Lee Library

(From Dusty Groove):
An amazing leap forward for the incredible Walter Wanderley -- a record that has him mixing his earlier bossa groove with the wider vision of late 60s A&M/CTI -- supported by an amazing cast of American and Brazilian artists! The vibe is wonderful from the very first note -- a refinement of bossa with the more sophisticated scoring touches of CTI -- arrangements from both Deodato and Don Sebesky, working wonderfully to support Wanderley's lead keyboard lines on organ and electric harpsichord! The record's arguably more sophisticated than most work of this nature coming from Brazil at the same time -- and with classic production by Creed Taylor, the sound is sublime through and through! A few tracks feature a slight bit of vocals -- from Milton Nascimento, Anamaria Valle, and others -- and instrumentalists helping on the session include Hubert Laws on flute and Marvin Stamm on flugelhorn. Titles include great versions of "Open Your Arms", "When It Was Done", "Reach Out For Me", "Ponteio", "Surfboard", "Baiao Da Garoa", "Capoeira", and "Ole Ole Ola".

1. Open Your Arms
2. Surfboard
3. Baiao Da Garoa
4. Reach Our For Me
5. Ole, Ole, Ola
6. Ponteio
7. When It Was Done
8. On My Mind
9. Just My Love And I
10. Capoeira
11. Truth In Peace



Yerblues said...

Wow... you take your time for sure... what a great set of posts... I'm suspect to speak about'em, because I'm from Brasil, and love this kind of music. Did not know you have interest in Bossa or brazilian music at all... it was a great good surprise.. I recommend especially the Walter Wanderley records posted (come on, the Jobim's works everybody knows something about, but Walter's...). Brasil hammond joy. Tanx a if you need something at this area, just let me know. Abração.

XMP said...

Definitely could use some more Brasil love! Thanks for the words - and let me know via email if there's anything we could swap -


AMP said...

I think that there is nothing so sweet as Brazilian Bossas. It's a real pleasure to share these treasures, and it's so nice to hear your endoresement on these Wanderley releases, yerblues. I hope that some curious listeners will catch the bug when they experience these intricate, soulful, groovy, beautiful pieces.

XMP said...

these musics should come with their own incense style. groovy!

Yerblues said...

Yes, I know that, sadly, the majority of my country fellas don't pay the proper attention to this music, which is their music (go figure!), but I'm an optimistic guy (er.. another diary necessity of brazilian people.. be optimistic!)... I think the things are getting better in the musical area, at least... Bands like Mundo Livre S/A, Mombojó, and artists like Moska, Seu Jorge and Ed Motta are firmly rooted on those Masters feet. Salve Marcos Valle, Salve Jorge Ben, salve Donato. Saravá!

XMP said...

Thanks for all that insider info, yerblues. I am still learning about the Brasil funk & bossa, and there is so much stuff out there!

Zorn said...

Good afternoon!

Restore, please, this remarkable album.
It is thankful in advance!

Alexander from Russia