Friday, August 24, 2007

Francis Lai - L'Aventure c'est L'Aventure OST [1972]

Francis Lai - L'Aventure c'est L'Aventure OST [1972]

Hopefully nobody at Fuzzy has posted this already/recently... my apologies if they have. This is a vinyl rip, and the original vinyl recording for this soundtrack goes for about EUR 85.00 !

(Review from here):

One of Francis Lai's more sought-after 1970s scores, this album may not be that hard to find but is almost always expensive because it features an otherwise-unavailable track by French pop legend Johnny Hallyday. That's a pity, because this album is a really tight, madly funky soundtrack with some killer beats, breaks, funk tracks, drums and Rhodes. The main theme is reprised throughout the album, which is a good thing because the melody is tight, punchy and insistent, so suits Christian Gaubert's funk arrangements perfectly. Plenty of serious funk instrumental business for sampling or playing out - highly recommended.

Music composed by Francis Lai.

1. Generique - Cinq Pour L'Aventure
2. L'Aventure c'est L'Aventure
3. Rapt
4. Aventure et Vacances
5. L'Aventure c'est L'Aventure
Performed by Johnny Hallyday
6. Flashing Notes
7. Intrigue Au Soleil
8. Cinq Pour L'Aventure



dom said...

Track number 3, "Rapt", is an absolute killer & the first time I heard the key change in the main title I was blown away. The theme is reminiscent of John Barry's theme for "Game Of Death".

Check out more Francis Lai s/tracks at For The Love Of Lai blog...I'd recommend "The Games" & "Le Voyou" aswell as this, also the title track from "I'll Never Forget Whatsisname".

I d/loaded the film from & the music isn't used well at all ("Rapt" does not feature), though Halliday appears in person singing the title track. The film itself is a self indulgent & unfunny mess imo, though Claude Lelouch is one of my fave directors.

Funnily enough, this soundtrack is available to download at a Russian mp3 site,, so presumably it must be on cd somewhere.

XMP said...

interesting. thanks for the infos and I'll be emailing you either tonight or tomorrow, Dom...