Wednesday, August 1, 2007

V/A - Blow Up presents Exclusive Blend Volume 3

V/A - Blow Up presents Exclusive Blend Volume 3
Label - Blow Up Records
Released - 2004
Recorded - 1970-1974
Style - Lounge, Easy Listening, Soundtrack, Music Library, Lee Library

Notes (from Movie Grooves)
Volume 3 in the killer Blow Up Exclusive Blend series brings us 16 great early 70s tracks from the French Telemusic Library, compiled in Paris by Blow Up's founder and DJ Paul Tunkin.

French music library Telemusic issued its first recordings in 1968, which have covered a wealth of musical styles over the past few decades. The eclectic nature, as is common with most of the music libraries was to accomodate the varied requirements of essentially TV, Radio and Film synchronisation.

Blow Up presents: Exclusive Blend Volume 3 focuses on the early 70s dancefloor element of Telemusic's Jazz and R'n'B recordings with some Gallic soundtrack vibes thrown in for good measure.

1. Guy Pedersen - Pretext pou un indicative
2. Bernard Estardy - Vertigo leitymotif
3. Raymond Guiot & Guy Pedersen - Flute ad libitum
4. Raymond Guiot & Guy Pedersen - Indian pop bass
5. Guy Pedersen - Les Copains de la basse
6. Guy Pedersen - Bass in love
7. Raymond Guiot - Primitive spirit
8. Andre arpino - African king
9. Guy Pedersen - Bass session
10. Bass dance - Raymond Guiot
11. Bernard Estardy - Emeute a tokyo
12. Bernard Estardy - Road no 9
13. Bernard Estardy - Riviera express
14. Bernard Lubat - Bahia bossa nova
15. Guy Pedersen - Kermesse non heroique
16. Paul Piot - Virtueuse reveurse



Anonymous said...

Yay! Excellent stuff! Cheers.

Do you have Voulme 4 in this series also?

AMP said...

Unfortunately not, kind visitor.

Anonymous said...

That's a pity! I have Volumes 1 & 2 and 'Blow Up A-Go-Go!: Dancefloor Classics From The Legendary Blow Up Club' on CD, but Volumes 3 & 4 are quite hard to come by. However, I do believe that they are going to be re-released some time soon.

XMP said...

thanks for the infonugget. will watch out for 3 & 4