Friday, August 3, 2007

Electro Keyboard Orchestra

Electro Keyboard Orchestra - Self-Titled
Label - Columbia
Released - 1975
Style - Jazz, Funk, Analog, Synthesizers, Electronic, Experimental, Lee Library

(from movin-ent)
The Electro Keyboard Orchestra was a Japanese group featuring eight keyboard players, all on Korg synthesizers. Specifically, they're using two early models, the MiniKorg 700S and the MaxiKorg 800DV, twenty of them shared amongst the group. Though there's also a super-tight rhythm section, the songs are obviously dominated by the keys. Among the highlights are a cover of Quincy Jones's "Ironside" theme and a fantastic original, "The Soaring Sea Gull." With so many different synth layers combining to create melodies and bass grooves, we can only imagine how amazing their live show must have been! The most synth players we've recorded simultaneously is a meager six, but we're doing our best to carry on the tradition of heavy analog funk.

Tracklisting = ? (will post later)



Paul Durango said...

this one is awesome!

XMP said...

Glad you likey!