Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Roy Budd & His Orchestra - Fear is the Key OST

Roy Budd & His Orchestra - Fear is the Key OST
Label - Generic (JP)
Released - 1973
Style - Funk, Action, Soundtrack, Jazz

1. Main Theme
2. The Car Chase
3. Louisiana Ferry
4. The Hostage Escapes
5. Bayou Blues
6. The Swamp
7. In Search Of The key
8. Breakout!
9. The Oil RiG
10. From Sea Bed To Surface

Reissue of noted British film soundtrack composer Roy Budd's score to this 1972 action film starring Ben Kingsley, Suzy Kendall & Barry Newman. Previously available only in Japan, one of the 300 original, existing copies of the LP are known to fetch upwards of $120! 10 tracks, including British jazz heavyweights Tubby Hayes & Ronnie Scott lending a hand on the suspense-filled 10 minute 'The Car Chase', which is rounded out with vivid crash noises.

From the back cover:
“More than 50 of the finest musicians in Britain in the studio, including such jazz instrumentalist great as Ronnie Scott, Tubby Hayes, Kenny Baker, Chris Karan, Jeff Clyne… Ronnie Scott plays sax solo for the chase…”



Cosmo said...

classic sountrack, im lucky enough to own an og pressing. and it only set me back $10. its got a jay z sample on there as well.

keep up the good work mate


XMP said...

Thanks, Cosmo! I really love the Roy Budd stuff. Haven't heard much of his soundtrack material that I didn't like...

Django said...

Wow, this sounds FEARfully sountrackalicious!!

XMP said...

cheers, mr. django.

Yerblues said...

Yep, classic indeed. Did you guys have more Budd's to share (except Get Carter)? It will be greatly appreciated. Tanx.

XMP said...

I think there is more Budd lying around somewhere. Will post it up once I locate the stash!

Dirkson said...

I love your blog! Super posts! Cool stuff, the best.

Keep it up and running!


XMP said...

Thanks Mr. Dirkson! Will keep it up and running until someone physically stops us from doing so.