Wednesday, September 5, 2007

V/A - Grooverider presents Hardstep Selection Vol. 1

V/A - Grooverider presents Hardstep Selection Vol. 1
Label - Kickin Records
Released - 1994
Style - Electronic, Jungle, Drum'n'Bass, Lee Library

1 L Double - Retreat (5:22)
2 Tom And Jerry - Dancer (5:06)
3 Borderline - Screwface (5:08)
4 Bruck Wild - Silent Voice (4:31)
5 Chimeira - Deeper Life (6:00)
6 DJ SS - United (5:00)
7 Slipmatt - Breaking Free (4:37)
8 System X - Feel Me (5:04)
9 Codename John - Kindred (4:27)
10 Dillinja - Deadly Deep Subs (5:02)
11 Alex Reece - Basic Principles (5:07)
12 Jo - R-Type (4:25)
13 LTJ Bukem - Music (4:55)
14 Tom And Jerry - Maximum Style (Remix) (4:05)
15 Mental Power - Dream Sequence (5:02)
16 Noodles & Wonder - Magic (Dubplate) (3:50)

From sleeve:
"Selected by Grooverider, from his sets played out around the world, "Hardstep Selection" is a mixture of drum & bass and ragga styles of jungle. These tracks are some of the best floor fillers on the jungle circuit, each having been carefully selected to embrace the various styles within the scene."

From wiki:
The phrase "drum and bass" had been used for years previously in the London soul and funk pirate radio scenes and was even a bit of a catchphrase for UK Radio 1's R&B Guru Trevor Nelson in his pirate days, who used it to describe the deeper, rougher funk and "rare groove" sound that was popular in London at the time. A station ID jingle used on legendary London pirate Kiss FM from the late 1980s would proclaim "drum and bass style on Kiss".

However, as the early nineties saw drum and bass break out from its underground roots and begin to win popularity with the general British public, many producers attempted to expand the influences of the music beyond the domination of ragga-based sounds. By 1995, a counter movement to the ragga style was emerging, dubbed "intelligent" drum and bass by the music press, and its ambassador was LTJ Bukem and his Good Looking label alongside Moving Shadow artists such as Foul Play, Omni Trio and Cloud 9.

Since the term jungle was so closely related to the raggae influenced sound, DJs and producers who did not incorporate reggae elements began to adopt the term "drum and bass" to differentiate themselves and their musical styles. Ironically, the compilation which had brought the term to the wider awareness of those outside the scene, 'Drum & Bass Selection vol 1' (1994), featured a large amount of ragga influenced tracks, and the first big track to use the term in its title (Remarc's 'Drum & Bass Wize', 1994) was also a ragga jump-up tune. It is fair to say the media did not help matters here by emphasising the supposed difference in styles.

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Anonymous said...

This totally reminds me of the time that this one dude's colostomy bag broke open and spilled on the dancefloor! That shit was better than baby powder dood! Seriously tho, it wasn't too bad with a snoutful of vicks vap-o-rub. Ah, sweet raving memories!

XMP said...

Now Thats what I call a Hot Flash!