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Roy Budd - Diamonds OST

Roy Budd - Diamonds OST
Label - Cinephile/Castle UK
Released - 1975
Style - Soundtrack, Funk, Blaxploitation, Soul, Jazz, Heat

(From Dusty Groove):
Heist films always provided some of the best soundtracks of the 70's, and this one (starring Robert Shaw and Richard Roundtree, and issued in the US as Diamond Shaft) is no exception! Roy Budd rises to the groovy occasion and scores some excellent moments that match a light orchestral sound with a throbbing electric bass and percussion underground -- in a style that's like Lalo Schifrin's best work from the time. The LP's overflowing with tracks, including a few bonus mixes, and there's even 2 vocal numbers that feature The Three Degrees. Titles include "The Thief", "Beauty & The Bass", "Diamonds", "Party Piece", "Thief On the Prowl", and more! Nice notes, and some nicely funky crime themes, too! Nice gatefold cover, too!

Only issued in Italy (as 'Colpa Da Un Miliardo Di Dollari', shown here) and the UK, this is without doubt Budd's finest soundtrack. Elements of his earlier work can be clearly heard in the Middle Eastern segments of the LP and use of distinctive instrumentation. The album features music from a surprisingly good heist movie starring Richard Roundtree, shot in Israel. Many of the best tracks were not included in the movie. The album contains raw funk ('The Thief'), jazz ('Party Piece'), an easy listening-with-wah bossa nova ('Brauty And The Bass') and a sentimental soulful theme by the Three Degrees in addition to some excellent atmospheric Eastern-influenced tracks. Look out for Budd's trademark use of deep bass to underpin his dark, menacing funk themes. Quite superb.

* LTJ Bukem fans, find the samples!

1. Main Themes
2. The Thief
3. Tel Aviv
4. Diamonds
5. Diamond Fortress
6. Beauty Of The Bass
7. Market Place
8. Hearts And Diamonds
9. Party Piece
10. Thief On The Prowl
11. I Think I'm Being Followed
12. Robbery!
13. Crown Jewels
14. A Handful Of Gems
15. End Titles
16. Diamonds (M19 Film Mix)
17. Diamonds (M33 Film Mix)


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