Sunday, September 30, 2007

Lalo Schifrin/Al Hirt - Latin in the Horn

Lalo Schifrin/Al Hirt - Latin in the Horn
Recorded - 1966
Label - RCA/Victor
Style - Latin, Jazz, Soundtrack, Smooth

(from somewhere else):
By Al "He's The King" Hirt -- Arranged and Conducted by Lalo Schifrin.
A lush, easy-going Brazilian outing, Latin in the Horn is aided substantially by the sophistication Lalo Schifrin brings to Hirt's cotton candy. Schifrin's orchestra waxes elegantly while Hirt's restraint is a pleasant surprise. Even though this outing post-dates the "Bossa Nova" fad by a few years, Schifrin was always masterful in this style (to date, his last journey in this direction except for his disco retakes on this LP's first three tracks on 1976's BLACK WIDOW). Listeners will certainly want to hear the magic Schifrin weaves on beauties like "Taboo," "Angelitos Negros," "Margarita," "Be True To Me" and the two Schifrin originals ("A Sky Without Stars" and "Gringo A Go Go"). Much better than most would think.

From the album cover - "Al heard here in still another context. The album authentically represents this exciting idiom...Here, in fact, is a dramatically different Hirt. His famous flair and exuberance are much in evidence, to be sure, in his soaring solo flights and biting attack. But one hears an emotional intensity in these performances--a certain introspective quality--that adds a stimulating new dimension to Al's playing...

In this album, Lalo Schifrin has showcased Al's horn against a varicolored backdrop of strings and rhythm patterns that catch both the soul and the spirit of the new Latin-American sound. Schifrin...has spiced his scores with the true Latin flavor of his native South America, leavened with a jazz feeling...

Al Hirt's astonishing versatility will find new cause for wonder in this album of Latin-American music. And the millions of fans who now consider him 'the King' can henceforth regard him as 'El Rey.'"

1. Baia
2. Frenesi
3. Taboo
4. Angelitos Negros
5. Meditarion (Meditacao)
6. A Sky Without Stars (Un Cielo Sin Estrellas)
7. Grigo A Go-Go
8. Manha de Carnaval
9. Margarita
10. What a Diff'rence A Day Makes
11. Be True to Me (Sabor a Mi)
12. Desafinado



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