Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Kemet Crew - Champion Jungle Sound [request]

Kemet Crew - Champion Jungle Sound
Label - Kemet
Released - 1995
Style - Electronic, Ragga, Jungle, Amen Murda

*Special Request!

Back to 1995 with this one. The era of real ruffneck Ragga Jungle; brutal Amens, a handful of Ya Bad Sistas, raggamuffin vocals about murder, gunshots and a rude amount of bass. I've never personally smoked crack, but this is what I imagine crack would sound like if it came out of your speakers. Get mash up.

Big thanks to the G the R the I the T the T the Y for the contribution ;)

1 F.O.I. / Vernon Smith - The Seed (4:15)
2 Brainkillers / Remarc / Junior Saw* / Mr X. - Press The Buzzer (5:23)
3 Remarc - For Real (Remix) (4:19)
4 Lewi - Jungle Love (Part 2) (3:33)
5 Fusion - Live Good (Remix) (4:13)
6 F.O.I. - Champion Of Champions (3:52)
7 Brainkillers - Lovin' Part 1 (5:51)
8 Brainkillers / Schwarznegger - Soul Pill (Remix) (4:42)
9 Brainkillers / Schwarznegger - For Real (4:42)
10 Ribbs - Powering Through (3:13)
11 F.O.I. / Vernon Smith - The Fruit (6:16)
12 Missin - The Box Re-opens (5:50)
13 F.O.I. / Vernon Smith - The Fruit Version (6:21)
14 Lewi - Screwface (Hardcore Mix) (3:18)
15 Fusion - Burn It Down (4:22)
16 F.O.I. / Simpleton - Unity (5:30)

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Part 1
Part 2



Jahdreadlion said...

Blessed love fe the mighty album!!
Lovin the vibez man! Take me back some!!
One Love Respect!!

XMP said...

cheers, kind sir!

heeeth said...

Thank you sooooo much for this. I have been looking for it forever. I owe you some Congo Natty. I have been swamped at the jobby-job but will U/L some tonight.

XMP said...

Cool - I was hoping you'd find this cuz you were the reason I hunted it down! no worries on the U/L my man.

MrC said...

fuck .. i've not visited for a while! ... some serious catching up to be done (i got a big baby boy now - currently falling asleep to some dope funk in my arms - hence that's why i've not visited much)
...i got a shedload of congo natty from somewhere earlier this year - i'll have a hunt ... (i just hunted quickfast - found them, but they all be dead .. sure more'll pop up)

anyways .. time to check out the rest of your junglist postings

peace Ho! ;)

XMP said...

LIL BABY TOAST MAN!!! congrats buddy. I can probably find all the congo natty on one of my oldschool jungle forums, so don't worry about all that.

MrC said...

cheers mate
...ah, forums, i remember those! ...i barely have time to sort out my own blogs, let alone visit a handful of others infrequently, so it's been a fair ol' while since i've ventured into the world of forums ... i did just have a wee search & came across a nice list of old sets/mixes ... http://oldskoolmofo.spaces.live.com/Blog/cns!9BC2890E77698611!107.entry (all megaupload) .... i am also starting to digitalise my old cassettes (boxes of them i have) .. so expect some gems ... & head on over to mine shortly if you want some more illegal rave (a cd rip this time!)
peace out

XMP said...

oh hell yes. tape rips are my specialty but they can be a pain in the ass if the tape quality is shifty. Good msn space - looks like the new Panty Inspector page, but there's no author info. That dude used to have an msn space page up with a gang of oldschool jungle mixes and some new school shit as well...

Jamie said...

hi there. thanks so much for all the posts. just found out about your blog today. fyi neither of these links downloaded properly. first one would never unzip all the way, second one was some kind of movie file. i don't think it's my lack of tech savvy, though that's entirely possible.

XMP said...

If you see this, go for the megaup direct link: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=PPCBCA67

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, megaupload is not accessible here in the Philippines. If possible can you please re-up this album on shareonall, sharebee or just rapidshare? Thanks in advance.

Top notch blog by the way! Respect!

XMP said...

No problem I'll get it up asap and repost links

XMP said...

Re-up just posted at top of blog :)