Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Augustus Pablo - Ital Dub

Augustus Pablo - Ital Dub
Label - Trojan
Released - 1975
Style - Dub, Reggae, Lee Library, Ital

Engineer : Ronald Logan & Sylvan Morris & King Tubby

Studios :
Recording : Dynamic Sounds (Kingston, JA) & King Tubby's (Kingston, JA) & Harry J (Kingston, JA)

Often overlooked, and poorly recieved by some critics at the time, "ITAL DUB" can now be regarded as a fine dub album mixed by Tubby and comprised of riddims produced by Tommy Cowan mainly for Jacob Miller & The Inner Circle with Pablo blowing his melodica over the top. Includes dub/melodica mixes to "Forward Jah Jah Children", do-overs of Bob Marley's "Rebel Music", "Natty Dread" and Tosh's "Funeral", Junior Byles' "Curly Locks" and "Irie Feelings" as well as tougher than tough originals like "Eli's Move", a version of Miller's "The Truth Has Come Again", "Shake Up" and "Shake Down" and "Barbwire Disaster".

1 The Big Rip Off
2 Road Block
3 Curly Dub
4 Well Red
5 Gun Trade
6 Shake Up
7 Hillside Airstrip
8 Barbwire Disaster
9 Mr Bigg
10 Eli's Move
11 House Raid
12 Shake Down



Anonymous said...

ah, the sweetly mellow smokey dubz of the late, great Pablo-Tubby connection. thanks for this most exquisite share. Lion!

Anonymous said...

Augustus Rest in Peas.

Willard said...

Many thanks for this. What a great blog. Going to check out dub foundation, too. I've added both over at Never Get Out Of The Boat. Thanks again.

XMP said...

Thanks Willard! Definitely check out Dub Foundation if you get a chance. I have a feeling I'll be spending more time there than on here in the next couple weeks at least...

Anonymous said...

Great album. The drummer on here is killing it. I love the way Tubby mixed the drums to the forefront of most of the songs, but I'm guessing that's a hallmark of most dub (which I'm admittedly not too familiar with). Anyone know who the drummer is and where I could possibly hear some more of his work?

Great blog and great taste in music. What more could we ask for?

AMP said...

The liner notes indicate that the drummer is Lloyd "Tin Legs" Adams. Here's a listing for more of his work:

I "highly" recommend The Upsetters - Blackboard Jungle Dub. Just drop a line if you can't find it in blogland - I'd be happy to post it up!

XMP said...

TRUE Blackboard Jungle is a timeless classic. That album is the musical equivalent of being in outer space. So strange.

XMP said...

also I love the little ruff spots on this album. Like the beginning of 'Shake Up' where Augustus doesn't get the melodica melody exactly right. That's one of the great qualities of the real Dub is that its not perfect, and very human.