Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Head Shot: Reggae Instrumentals, Dubs and Other Oddities

Head Shot: Reggae Instrumentals, Dubs and Other Oddities
Label - Heartbeat
Recorded - 1970s
Style - Dub, Reggae, Version, Foundation, Instrumental, Lee Library

(review from AMG)
A trawl through the vaults of celebrated reggae producer Winston "Niney" Holness yielded this delightful odds-and-sods program of (mostly previously unreleased) dub versions, instrumental tracks, and songs dating from 1970 to 1978. There are a couple of fine cuts on the deathless "Here I Come" rhythm, including a creepy dub version based on Dennis Brown's classic vocal performance, and also dub versions of Niney's own "Rasta No Pickpocket" (rendered here as "Clean Heart Rasta" with a Tony Chin guitar overdub) and "Blood and Fire" (here as "Chapter Ten"). Saxophone legend Tommy McCook leads the Supersonics through a charming rocksteady instrumental titled "Doreth," which then leads, strangely, into the charming "You Can't Get into Zion With Your Big Checkbook" ("It will bounce!"), on which Niney is joined by vocalists Lloyd Charmers, Dobby Dobson, and Denzil Laing. Overall, this album isn't quite as strange as the jacket copy might lead you to expect, but it's chock-full of worthwhile obscurities from the tapes of one of reggae's best producers working at the peak of his powers. ~ Rick Anderson, All Music Guide

1. Soul Syndicate - Zimbabwe [Extended Mix]
2. Observers - Come Dub
3. Dillinger - Nebuchadnezze
4. Observers + Bobby Ellis - Head Shot
5. Observers - Last Call Version
6. Observers + Tommy McCook - One Train Load of Collie
7. Observers - Organ Satta
8. Scully, Bobby Ellis, Soul Syndicate - Doreth
9. Observers, Niney the Observer - Can't Enter Zion With Your Big Checkbook
10. Observers - Chapter Ten
11. Bongo Herman + Fay Bennett - Nosey Joe Version
12. Bottlehead - Bottlehead in Fine Style
13. Observers - Clean Heart Rasta
14. Observers + Tommy McCook - Zorro
15. Observers - Boiling Over
16. Observers - Beardsman Shuffle
17. Observers - Steam Pipe



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Thank you.

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Anonymous said...

I can't thank you enough for the OUTRAGEOUS number of dub albums you've made available. Some amazing gems. I particularly enjoyed Head Shot. Keep up the good work.