Friday, September 14, 2007

Ennio Morricone - Citta Violenta

Ennio Morricone - Citta Violenta
Label - RCA
Released - 1970
Style - Soundtrack, 70s Crime Music, Library, Funk, Jazz

Originally released by RCA in 1970, Citta Violenta became a firm favourite with Morricone collectors worldwide. The film was directed with much flair by filmmaker Sergio Sollima, who managed to bring out fine performances from Charles Bronson, Telly Savalas and Umberto Orsini. However, the movie failed to stir much interest in cinemas and soon disappeared from the screens.

This special edition contains five additional cues and better sound quality than previous issues. This is one of Morricone’s best efforts of the 1970s with every cue brimming with the sound that we now associate with Morricone and Italian cinema during this period.

The music and musical sounds perfectly capture the sounds of the urban environment, with guitars sounding rather like cats calling in the darkness in some cues.

The work contains some quiet and effective moments, as in the opening sections of ‘Momento Estremo’, but the highlights of the score are tracks such as ‘Disperatamente’ and ‘Svolta Definitiva’. The latter starts as a funky sounding up-tempo number, before changing into a fast-paced chase track with frantic bongos and eerie sounding vocalising , which includes a gasping effect from Il Cantori Moderni, enhanced by fuzzy sounding guitar stabs and a guitar rift that is repeated throughout the tracks duration. There is also a secondary theme that pops up in a couple of cues which is just as strong and appealing as Morricone’s principal theme for the movie, heard to its full potential in ‘Riassunto’, where the composer combines both the principal and secondary themes in a stunning and highly listenable composition.

01 - citta violenta (2:25)
02 - rito finale (3:06)
03 - mille volte un grido1 (2:32)
04 - momento estremo (3:18)
05 - con estrema dolcezza (2:41)
06 - svolta definitiva (4:38)
07 - norme con ironie (3:56)
08 - riflessione (1:28)
09 - disperatamente (2:54)
10 - rito finale (1:30)
11 - dolcemente acre (3:15)
12 - sospensione sovrapposta (1:41)
13 - a caissa (2:25)
14 - riassunto (3:06




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