Friday, September 14, 2007

Void - Void

Void - Void
Label - N/A
Released - 1998
Style - Electronic, Breakbeat, Trance, Noise, Experimental, Other, Lee Library

I would have posted this earlier but there is NOTHING online about it, and I couldn't find the CD to scan the artwork. But I took the day off and after 5 minutes of searching I finally found it. This came straight from Lee's Library, and I think he got it at a local used CD store back in the day. From what I can gather, I think it was put together by Biochip C (man of many aliases) and others. I know the name Biochip C from working with Freddy Fresh's Analog Records back in college. He used to send us these mystery boxes of random records, some with absolutely no info on them at all. I LOVE FREDDY FRESH!!! Regardless of his ever-present mustache, the dude is a goldmine of random obscure underground hip-hop/electro knowledge and expertise. Love him. So anyways - this CD is just a weird one. Seems like a bootleg that was put out by the people who made it, and I have no idea why it's so rare and undocumented. But we have it! and now you do too....

1. Stack Algorithm
2. Trusting
3. Alles Roger
4. Artificial Channel
5. Wrap
6. N-Factor
7. Do It Right
8. The End And The Beginning
9. Phlangia
10. Abused
11. Phase Pulse
12. Smoove
13. Meeting

Info - NONE!


Anonymous said...

Whoa dude! Imaboutta void my bowels all over the place! Where in the fuck did you find this insane artyfact?

XMP said...

Le Libraire du Lee. LOVELY IS THE LEE.