Friday, September 14, 2007

Gene Page - Blacula OST

Gene Page - Blacula OST
Label - RCA/BMG
Released - 1972
Style - Soundtrack, Blaxploitation, Not-so-Scary, Funny, Funk, Soul, Breakbeat

(From Dusty Groove):
Verrrrry scarrrry stuff -- and pretty darn funky too! This is the original soundtrack for the classic blacksploitation horror flick starring the baaadest Dracula ever to grace the screen of all those shabby downtown theaters that were still around in the 70's -- a wicked batch of wah-wah tunes penned by Gene Page, and featuring a great bit fo keyboards as well! The set's got a few vocal numbers, sung by 21st Century Ltd and The Hues Corporation, but it's the instrumentals that really steal the show here -- and there's plenty of great ones here that rank with the best blacksploitation work of the decade! Titles include "Blacula Strikes!", "The Stalkwalk", "Movin", "Run Tina Run", "Firebombs", and "Good To The Last Drop."

1. Gene Page - Blacula (The Stalkwalk) (2:37)
2. Gene Page - Heavy Changes (2:49)
3. Gene Page - Run, Tina, Run! (1:29)
4. Gene Page - There He Is Again (2:45)
5. Gene Page - Movin' (1:30)
6. Gene Page - Main Chance (3:09)
7. Gene Page - Good To The Last Drop (2:19)
8. Gene Page - Blacula Strikes! (1:23)
9. Gene Page - What The World Knows (3:43)
10. Gene Page - I'm Gonna Catch You (3:09)
11. Gene Page - The Call (3:08)
12. Gene Page - Firebombs (1:28)
13. Gene Page - Finding Love, Losing Love (0:41)
14. Gene Page - Wakeeli (Swahili Farewell) (2:27)



Melvin said...

Wow, This right here is that real music and I loved the movie. Thanks for this one!

XMP said...

no doubt, Melvin! blaxploitation soundtracks are full of inspiration...