Friday, September 28, 2007

Xterminator Presents MLK Dub

Xterminator Presents MLK Dub
Label - RAS
Released - 1999
Style - Dub, Reggae, Dancehall, Digital Dub, Lee Library

Another excellent Xterminator special. This one is amazing and you would be doing your music collection a great disservice if you failed to grab this. For serious!

(from AMG):
This album's title is something of a mystery -- the cover design incorporates the phrase "free at last," so there's little doubt that "MLK" refers to Martin Luther King, Jr. However, nothing in the program has anything to do with Dr. King or even, really, civil rights issues in general. Be that as it may, this is still a fine collection of dub remixes from Philip "Fatis" Burrell's Xterminator label, most of them based on singles by Luciano, Sizzla and Cocoa Tea. Fatis himself is responsible for some of the most compelling "digital" reggae sounds to come out of Jamaica in the 1990s, and this compilation doesn't disappoint -- building on such excellent raw material as Luciano's "Wicked Haffi Run Way" and Cocoa Tea's "Repatriation," Fatis fashions dub mixes with a deep roots influence and a modern dancehall sheen. There are also fine contributions from a few other singers and deejays, notably Ras Shiloh and Fred Locks. - Rick Anderson, All Music Guide

1. Sweep Over My Soul Dub - Luciano
2. Ulterior Motive Dub - Luciano
3. Repatriation Dub - Cocoa Tea
4. Chant Down Babylon Dub - Luciano
5. Asking Thee To Spear Dub - Ras Shiloh
6. Never Give Up Dub - Fred Locks
7. Love Jah And Live Dub - Luciano
8. Weaponist Dub - Luciano
9. Long Time Dub - Cocoa Tea
10. Final Call Dub - Luciano
11. Till If Someone Dub - Sizzla
12. How Long Dub - Louie Culture
13. Kings Of The Earth Dub - Sizzla
14. Wicked Haffi Run Way Dub - Luciano
15. Look Who Is Laughing Dub - Sizzla & Ninjaman

Personnel includes: Sly Dunbar, Dean Fraser, Donald Dennis, Luciano, Melbourne Miller, Winston Brown.



Anonymous said...

This is digi-dub done PROPER!!! Thanks for posting this up, guys!

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