Friday, September 14, 2007

Giorgio Moroder - Foxes OST

Giorgio Moroder - Foxes OST
Label - Casablanca
Released - 1980
Style - Soundtrack, Sleaze, Computer Funk, Electronic, Italo Disco, Sniff Sniff


(Somehow from
Taken from a completely forgotten early 80s movie, Giorgio Moroder wrote a disco-based soundtrack featuring an LP's worth of his own material alongside some generally pretty bad 80s disco and rock. While the 'featured artist' tracks are bad, there's one redeeming moment in 'Hollywood Dreams' - an excellent downtempo late 70s funk instrumental with a very sampleable bassline and good horns working with analog synth in the mix.

1. Donna Summer - On The Radio (7:35)
2. Janis Ian - Fly Too High (Vocal Theme) (4:58)
3. Brooklyn Dreams - Shake It (5:37)
4. Cher - Bad Love (5:29)
5. Giorgio Moroder - Valley Of The Dolls (Instrumental) (10:37)
6. Angel - 20th Century Foxes (5:25)
7. Keith Forsey - Greedy Man (4:48)
8. Angel - Virginia (3:58)
9. Giorgio Moroder - On The Radio (Instrumental) (4:27)
10. Giorgio Moroder - Hollywood Dreams (Instrumental) (4:37)
11. Giorgio Moroder - Fly Too High (Instrumental) (4:16)
12. Giorgio Moroder - Valley Of The Dolls (Instrumental - Slow Version) (4:56)



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