Thursday, September 6, 2007

Change up the style

Lee Library has some dark corners we haven't exposed quite yet, so now is when we flex the oldschool Jungle/Drum'n'Bass comps. We've watched the Jungle/DnB output go from original and groundbreaking in 1993/94 to completely unoriginal and boring by 2001+. There's only so far you can take this sound/tempo before you start regurgitating what's already been done, and that's clearly the state of things today. People are still into it, and they still have the little dj nights here in town that cater exclusively to Dudestep or Wobble (I prefer the term Dudestep). And there's the Liquid Funk contingent as well, catering to more of the jazzy funk-oriented Drum'n'Bass. But I much prefer the sound of pre-1996 Jungle/Drum'n'Bass. It's much more concentrated and raw, and the focus was primarily on the breaks back then. Pitch many of these tunes down 3 octaves and you have a real treat! So anyways, hope people enjoy these. It's not material you will easily find anywhere these days since the label stopped production on these compilations.

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heeeth said...

You frikkin' RULE. Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

XMP said...

awesome. hopefully these score some hits with the regulars, but I guess we'll see how it goes!