Friday, September 14, 2007

Jay Chattaway - Maniac OST

Jay Chattaway - Maniac OST
Label - Southeast Records
Released - 1980
Style - Soundtrack, Freaky, Psycho, Moody, Analog Electronics, Sketchy

* Maniac is one of the best movies ever made. I've always caught it late late night on TV and thought how awesomely appropriate the weird analog-soaked electronic backdrop was as a soundtrack. It's a psycho movie and highly suggested to those who like to walk on the dark side!

The superb dark and brooding electronic score to the cult early 80's classic horror/gore movie from William Lustig. Starring the late Joe Spinell (RIP) and Caroline Munro, it's the story of Frank Zito - one of the creepiest mentalists you're ever likely to run into - and his obsession with his dead mother which manifests itself by his brutal killing of young women. This is a disturbing score - made all the more freaky by the use of dialogue from the movie mixed seamlessly into one of the tracks. Kind of like a really dark chill-out CD. A real collectors item - highly recommended.

1. Jay Chattaway - Maniac's Theme (Main Titles) (3:12)
2. Jay Chattaway - Apocalypse New York (2:08)
3. Jay Chattaway - On The Beach (0:28)
4. Jay Chattaway - Hookers Heartbeat (1:14)
5. Jay Chattaway - A Little Knife Music (0:55)
6. Jay Chattaway - Inner Voices (4:11)
7. Jay Chattaway - Maniac Strikes Back (1:13)
8. Jay Chattaway - Blasthim (2:21)
9. Jay Chattaway - Blasther (1:03)
10. Jay Chattaway - Window Shopping (1:30)
11. Jay Chattaway - Subway Terror (3:27)
12. Jay Chattaway - Goodby Rita (1:01)
13. Jay Chattaway - Cemetery Chase (1:14)
14. Jay Chattaway - Cry For Mother (2:05)
15. Jay Chattaway - Mannequins' Revenge (4:10)
16. Jay Chattaway - Maniac's Them (End Titles) (2:24)



dom said...

I've never seen Maniac been described as "one of the best movies ever made" before! I'm going to stick my neck out & say that Joe Spinell was one of the best actors see his cameos in "Taxi Driver", "Godfather 2" or "Rocky" & he's better than De Niro, Stallone or Pacino in my book. He had an amazing face & voice, perfect for portraying sleazy types.

XMP said...

For my tastes at least, which is heavy on the early 80s horror action - I think Maniac is one of the best ever. Super creepy! And Joe's mustache and funny eye just do his character so much justice.

Anonymous said...

gotta agree with dom, lol

i'm a horror fan myself, you've got a lot of quality uploads here man

this soundtrack is bad ass, keep up the great work

- natural selection

Anonymous said...

I am not a good guy, I took from your blog some soundtrack defined as very good in a french book dedicated to some 100 best score, close to "Saturday Night fever" & "The Wizard of Oz" but also a big part of horror movie.
So Thanks