Saturday, September 22, 2007

Lee Perry/The Upsetters - Blackboard Jungle Dub

Lee Perry/The Upsetters/Coxsone? - Blackboard Jungle Dub
Label - Clocktower
Released - 1973
Style - Dub, Reggae, Spacey Dub, Lee Library, Weird

One of the best Dub Reggae albums ever made!

01. Black Panta - The Upsetters
02. Kasha Macka - Prince Jazzbo
03. Dub Organizer - Johnny Lover
04. African Skank - The Upsetters
05. Dreamland Skank - The Upsetters
06. Jungle Jim - The Upsetters
07. Drum Rock - The Upsetters
08. Kaya Skank - The Upsetters
09. Mooving Skank - The Upsetters
10. VS Panta Rock - The Upsetters
11. Apeman Skank - The Upsetters
12. Jungle Skank - The Upsetters


Calling the meek and the humble, welcome to blackboard jungle..." Blackboard Jungle Dub is a justifiably famous album, not only because it was one of the first dub albums to be released, but because of its wild, sonic brilliance. From the berserk "Black Panta" to the spooky "Drum Rock" and the gentle "Kaya Skank", this is serious dub. Words like "radical", "extreme" and "incredible" fail to describe the grooves that Lee Perry conjured up here. Essential listening for any Lee Perry fan.

Important note: Blackboard Jungle Dub has been released several times since 1973. Originally it was released on Upsetter as Upsetters 14 Dub Blackboard Jungle in very limited numbers in a true stereo mix. Then in 1981 it was released with a different track listing and a different mix on Upsetter (Jamaica) and Clocktower (US) as Blackboard Jungle Dub. It has also been released as part of the RAS collection Scratch Attack and as the crummy Original Blackboard Jungle on Jet Star, both with altered track listings and a different mix. In 2005, Trojan included it as part of their Dub Triptych set. The definitive re-issue of the album is by Auralux: in 2004, they carefully remastered the original 1973 mix and released it as Upsetters 14 Dub Blackboard Jungle. Unless you manage to lay your hands on one of the original 1973 LPs, the Auralux release is boss.


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