Friday, December 21, 2007

Yabby U & King Tubby - King Tubby's Prophesy Of Dub


Yabby U & King Tubby - King Tubby's Prophesy Of Dub
Label: Blood And Fire, 1994
Record date: 1976
Album style: Dub, Lee Library, Roots, Tubby

Roots master Vivian Jackson, also known as Yabby U, teams up with King Tubby to create mystical dub versions of some of his greatest songs, many of which were inspired by numerous readings of the Book of Revelations. The lavish 16-page CD booklet amplifies these apocalyptic themes to stunning effect. This album was long unavailable since its first and only limited edition release in 1976.

PROPHESY OF DUB finds the dub master himself, King Tubby, working 14 Yabby U creations through the ringer. Enduring Yabby U songs like "Conquering Lion," "Jah Vengeance," and "Run Come Rally" are here in excellent versions, but the high point is "Rock Vibration," which takes Michael Rose's "Born Free" and reshapes it into a waterfall of keyboards, echo, and reverb. King Tubby, having served as the engineer for most of Vivian Jackson's productions, has a feel for Yabby U's stunning prophesies, and the results make up one of the most disturbing and endearing dub albums of the '70s. reviewer

1. Version Dub
2. Conquering Dub
3. Jah Love Dub
4. Anti-Christ Rock
5. Beware Of God
6. Robber Rock
7. Rock Vibration
8. Zion Is Here
9. Hungering Dub
10. Love And Peace
11. Homelessness
12. Creations And Versions
13. Living Style
14. Greetings

Producer: Yabby U
Mixing Engineer: King Tubby
Drums: Horsemouth Wallace, Ben Bow, Santa Davis
Bass: Robbie Shakespeare, Clinton Fearon, Aston Barrett
Guitar: Albert Griffiths, Ranchie, Chinna
Organ: Bagga Walker, Touter Harvey, Aston Barrett
Horns: Tommy McCook, Bobby Ellis, Vin Gordon



XMP said...

1976 was a great year for Dub! Good choice mon frere.

AMP said...

yes yes! many more from that time period to come!

Anonymous said...

Man, this album is a KILLAH!