Monday, December 3, 2007

Ben & Platano Group - 1971 Paris Soul * RE-UP!

Really sorry about the technical difficulties with this one. Something weird was going on but the hex has been lifted. Enjoi and thanks for yr patients.

Ben & Platano Group - 1971 Paris Soul
Label - Barclay/Dare-Dare
Recorded - 1971
Style - Paris, Soul, Jazz, Lee Library

1. Ben & Platano Group - Platano Split (4:45)
2. Ben & Platano Group - Salute To Santa (2:53)
3. Ben & Platano Group - Black Waders (3:13)
4. Ben & Platano Group - Woluwe Strip (2:32)
5. Ben & Platano Group - Cabaret (2:43)
6. Ben & Platano Group - Paris Soul (4:02)
7. Ben & Platano Group - Culzean (3:12)
8. Ben & Platano Group - Castill Battle (2:46)
9. Ben & Platano Group - Hang Out (2:18)
10. Ben & Platano Group - Arte Pino Pasta (3:58)

(from Dusty Groove)
"Very nice reissue of this totally rare album of funky instrumentals by a lost Parisian combo with a tight choppy guitar sound, and a nice dope organ/keyboard groove. In their best moments, the group has a bit of a War sound -- with a slow, stripped-down approach to their funk, and heavy Latin lines on the bass and keyboards. At other times, the groove's a bit more uptempo, with tight guitar riffs, and loud horn blasts. The whole thing's produced with a sound that's just right for some of the Mood Mosaic comps, and the material's got a nice 70's sound that's not too overdone. Tracks include "Paris Soul", "Hang Out", "Black Waders", "Platano Split", and "Woluwe Strip". Pressed up on very nice vinyl, and an extremely faithful reproduction of the original!"

"A FRENCH GROOVE COLLECTOR MASTER PIECE !!! Essential killer soul funk with latin influence ... from france (BIEM pressing) ... Original is very rare and always expensive because they've only Out 300 Lp in 70's By Barclay Label ! But exist a reissue too ! You need it !!!! it's Heavy psych latin funk all way !!! One of favorite djing and one of the best and original latin funk all the time. Jazz funk with afro cuban flavors, easy bossa jazz moods and a brazilian touch for exemple on "Culzean"& "Paris Soul". This album is a must and we can understand easily why there is a high demand or hight price for this. Conducted by E. Nata, the group worked for the parisian cabaret "Le Lido" and the history tell us they out the record in 70 just before the leader was interned in a psychiatric hospital. What's happening?"

DOWNLOAD IT. for real tho'


El Isabelino said...

Hellow from P.R.Thanks for this and all the great varied music you post all the time, most appreciated.Would you have any of the Harlem Pop Trotters albums?Thanks again.

AMP said...

Hello to P.R.! i do not know of the Harlem Pop Trotters but i am now intrigued. however, my father used to take me to see the Harlem Globe Trotters when i was a young boy!

XMP said...

Yay PR~! been awhile since I been but I remember it being muy caliente for my pale white skin. gonna look for the Harlem Pop Trotters for ya by request! cheers

Anonymous said...

hello, this lp 'ben & the platano group' doesn't contain songs of 'ben & the platano group', but songs of 'prince lincoln'.

a mistake, it happens ;-)

El Isabelino said...

Yes, hi to everybody.P.R. is always hot, even now.For all you cold weather dwelers, you're always welcome.And yes the Platano Lp is Prince Lincoln & The Rasses, good album anyway.

XMP said...

SORRY! Somehow I zipped the wrong folder and named it Platano Group. Oh well can't be perfect 100% of the time.

Will have the correct album download up tonight promise! sorry bout that.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I coulnd't find your contact information so I think this is the best way to contact you.

I really like the music you put up here and downloaded a few interesting albums. I wish you would write a little bit about them so that it would be easier to make a decision on what to get and to make the blog a bit more personal.

I read your entry on WCVT and that was a great story. Since I live very close to Towson I was intrigued and wanted to find out more about the history of it. I posted on a local messageboard and got a great response. I hope you find it helpful.

Here's the link to the messageboard topic:

XMP said...

wow two WCVT comments sorta in one day! Amazing. I'll take your suggestion to heart, but honestly with work and everything else - it's tough to get everything together without writing a bunch of stuff on top of all that. I do what I can! Glad to enrich your collection ;)

XMP said...

and I also just registered for beatbots. much thanks for pluggin the blog on there! about to introduce meself...

Anonymous said...

first off, thanks for the amazing tunes!
unfortunately, the Ben Palatano file doesn't seem to unzip, could you upload another one?

much thanks.

XMP said...

Man I don't know what the deal is with this Platano Group zip! It starts downloading then just stops every time. The zip file might be corrupted - lets try it again for a 3rd time. sorry for the inconvenience!

AMP said...
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Anonymous said...

fanks fer gettin it sorted, mates! i'm lovin these sounds - authentic latin-funk/soul by some top-notch players here!

XMP said...

sorry for the confuzion with this one. well worth the wait though I think...

DJ durutti said...

Hey -- congrats! on the nod in WIRED (you know about it / have seen it, right? it's here).

good look on the Ben & Platano Group AND the Brazilian Octopus (!!)

-- best

XMP said...

HAHAHAHA oh shit. Thanks for the heads up, and for the record - I DON'T KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT ADSENSE. Never had it. Never heard of it. Its all lies.

Fucking Wired.

AMP said...

mixed feelings here. on the one hand, i blog for the appreciation i get back. i'm proud of our music collection and i've always enjoyed sharing w/ friends (made MANY a mixtape back in tha day). so i'm happy to be acknowledged for our efforts and taste by someone at Wired. on the other hand, punks tho they are, we don't need any attention from riaa. and i hope that Google won't feel a need to change their policies as a result of this kind of publicity. anyway, please keep the comments coming. it's the best way for us to gauge what ppl are enjoying from our blog. thanks for the love!

XMP said...

pretty much. and if it hasn't been said already, we welcome contact from artists/labels who don't want us to promote their music in this particular fashion. But as a musician I feel other musicians need to accept technology and come to terms with communication and cultural dialogue in the 21st century.

CarbonMonoxide said...

I abosolutley love this album man.Ive been looking for this for a few months now and im grateful that you took the time to upload it. Thanks man.

mike kemps said...

Thank you for sharing this rarity. Keep up good work.