Friday, December 14, 2007

King Tubby - Surrounded By The Dreads At The National Arena

King Tubby - Surrounded By The Dreads At The National Arena
Label - Studio 16
Recorded - 1975
Style - Dub, Reggae, Request, Roots, Tubby


Featuring [Backing Band] - Natty Locks Band Jamaica
Producer - Winston Edwards
Notes: Original cat # FMLP 307

So this lp is based upon some of the various tracks that king tubby played at the national arena that night. a few of tubbys dubs appear on this new album either as naked and delightful as they were at the national arena - the dreads hail the king. he continues to be the king of dub rock, at his musical chamber. recorded at the king tubby studio, played by natty locks band jamaica.

1. I Am, I Am The King
2. Most High in Dub
3. Teacher of Dub
4. King of Kings in Dub
5. Coxson Down Beat Fall.
6. Unit Dub
7. Black Harmony Stop Play
8. Come On Little Girl (w. Tony Brevitt)
9. Come On Little Girl (Second Cut)
10. Ethiopia Land of My Father (w. Prince Hernon)
11. Ethiopia Land of My Father (Second Cut)
12. I Will Be Waiting (w. Capt. Bradford)
13.I Will Be Waiting (Second Cut)



sirapo said...

Thank you for this share.
I haven't heard this in YEARS and can't wait to hear it again!
I have a small selection you may like at
mostly posting my 7inch singles.

gladbeast said...

oh cool, i had a copy of this but it was scratched to pieces.. finally in all its glory!