Monday, December 3, 2007

Soul Syndicate - Mariwana

This is the only excerpt I could find on Youtube involving the infamous 'Chalice Scene' from the Soul Syndicate documentary "Word Sound and Power". This is one of the finest and realest films I've seen yet to document the Jamaican Dub experience, via the Soul Syndicate band in particular. Highly recommend it for any fans of Jamaican music culture, Dub and Reggae. And especially those interested in the 70s-era Dub Reggae scene in JA.

Oh, and kids - don't try this at home!

Order the DVD direct from it's producers at You will not be disappointed.


JAH-whofeelsitknowsit said...

Lion! Well Dread!

Anonymous said...

I own the movie. I think I've seen it 20 times and it never gets old. There is so much I still get out of it everytime I see it. Earl Zero and Tony Tuff also appear in the movie. Tony Tuff starts out the movie with Soul Syndicate. Later, Earl Zero's "Visions" done solo in or near his yard with a guitar with a bowed neck that buzzes to no end is the best thing to see. That's roots and culture without any trimmings. It's like sitting right there with the neighborhood people chillin' with your friendly neighbor Earl Zero. He's got to be one of my all-time favs. Why has he been forgotten by most reggae fans or at least not given the respect he deserves? See this movie and you'll be an Earl Zero fan too!

XMP said...

Most definitely one of the best music documentaries out there! True on Earl Zero and all the Soul Syndicate crew (and their dancers!). Gotta see the DVD to get the full experience.


I spent a month in JA this summer and the herb is smoked literally in public. Since the Jamaican dollar is pretty worthless one can buy a oz for about 20 American. It's some serious room spinning high grade smoke! Didn't get to experience a chalice though :(