Friday, December 7, 2007

Dennis Brown - Dennis Brown In Dub

Dennis Brown - Dennis Brown In Dub
Label - Heartbeat
Recorded - 197x
Style - Roots, Reggae, Dub, Lee Library

Produced by Niney The Observer!

Dennis Brown in Dub is filled with top dub shots produced by Niney the Observer and mixed by the legendary King Tubby. It includes the original dub release of "Cassandra" as well as nineteen other scorching dubs taken from the vaults of the Observer label. Niney was the top militant producer and Dennis Brown was his number one artist. Together they chalked up hit after hit with some of the greatest songs of their respective careers. Niney's rhythms were made to be dubbed and King Tubby was the legendary dub mix master who took the Observer tracks to new heights of mutated intensity. Drum and Bass, echoes and mind blowing reverb drench top Dennis Brown tracks like "Westbound Train," "Africa," "Here I Come Again," "Yagga Yagga," and "The Conqueror." Includes tracks previously unreleased on CD.

Land Of The Father
Fire From The Observer
Lock And Key
Youth Man
Sir Niney's Rock
Worthless Trap
No Mercy
Take A Dub
Dubbing With The Observer
Pay The Rent
Revelation Fulfill
Come Dub
Jam Down
Fire From The Observer Station
Mischievous Dub
Mr. D Brown Dub
Dub Around The World
Silver Bullet
One In The World Style



badbwai said...

and again!
where can you find
dennis brown in dub?
nowhere but here.
obviously it's not good enough for other bloggers.

thanks again.

Chris Ward said...

Thanks for this too, I never knew it existed.
The "Niney Presents Dub" on Trojan is very similar but with different tracks.

XMP said...

enjoying your comments. thanks! This is another hot one so you guys definitely share good taste...

Anonymous said...

thank you VERY very much for this great dub music you share! i downloaded a few albums... the king tubby stuff is awesome, and the 2 gregory isaacs dub LPs.. never heard of them. many thanks again and greets from germany :)

XMP said...

greets right back! the gregory isaacs in dub is one of my favorites ever. and I doubt you'll find as much Tubby elsewhere as you will here! we're definitely King Tubby fanatics over here ;)

Anonymous said...

Thank You Again For The Great Rasta Music !!!