Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Augustus Pablo - Rockers Story


Augustus Pablo - Rockers Story
Label: RAS
Record date: 1974-87
Album style: Dub, Lee Library, Reggae, Rockers, Roots

Rockers Story is the fifth collection of Pablo's extended family of recordings and artists. Like many successful Jamaican Reggae stars, his talent, production skills and certainly finances have provided opportunities for a whole new generation of young singers and musicians. This record showcases some unknowns, lesser­-knowns and recently established stars in their own right. The late Hugh Mundell, who was bearly into his teens when he penned the chillingly prophetic (in terms of his own short stay on the planet) hymn is included herein.

DJ's who toast in a style closer to U Roy than to the dance hall trend of the 80's such as Dillenger, Ras Bull and the mysterious Prince lrey (sounding almost too much like Mundell) complement the singers Delroy Williams and Barry Reid. Tetrack, whose principal writer, Carlton Hines, has become one of the most prolific song writers in reggae today, began under Pablo's tutelage. Two of the trio's songs which do not appear on previous albums are included here. The Lennon/McCartney chestnut World Without Love is given the Rockers treatment here as well. It is very common for pop tunes to be redone with a reggae beat in Jamaica just as all aver the world. However this ditty bears the patented murky bass, slashing riddim guitar and crisp drumming that raises it out of the piano bar repertoire.

The Rockers label was named far Pablo's late brother Douglas Swaby's sound system which mashed up the island in the early 70's. It had became a training ground far musicians, a source of new and innovative rhythms and a vehicle for praises for the Most High. Together with his brother Garth, Pablo also kept a record store going an Orange Street in Kingston - Rockers International - and ran his own publishing company.

1. Augustus Pablo - 555 Crown Street
2. Dillinger - Take It Easy
3. Ras Bull - Guide I Jah
4. The Rockers All Stars - Zambian Step
5. Delroy Williams - Think Twice
6. Tetrack - I'm Not Satisfied
7. Augustus Pablo - Power Of The Trinity
8. The Immortals - World Without Love
9. Prince Irey - Freedom Of Speech
10. Barry Reid - The System
11. Augustus Pablo - Struggle In Soweto
12. Tetrack - Pure Worries
13. Hugh Mundell - Africa Must Be Free

Producer: Augustus Pablo
Organ, Clavinet, Piano: Augustus Pablo
Bass: Aston "Family Man" Barrett
Drums: Carlton "Carlie" Barrett
Guitar: Earl "Chinna" Smith
Saxophone: Richard "Dirty Harry" Hall
Trumpet: Bobby Ellis



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