Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Michael Rose/Mafia & Fluxy - Dub Wicked

Michael Rose/Mafia & Fluxy - Dub Wicked
Label - Heartbeat
Released - 1998
Style - D-D-Dweet, Dub, Reggae, Lee Library

Editorial Notes
Personnel: Michael Rose, Mafia, Fluxy, Red Eye. Engineers include: Clive Goddard, Gussie P, Indian Mark, Mikey Bennett. Recorded at Wessex Studio, Montrose Studio, Matrix Studio, A Class Studio, Baterry Studio, London, England; Grafton Studio, Kingston, Jamaica.

This one's a personal favorite of ICOOYS crew! And for some reason, it's not easy to find copies of this album anymore. We love pretty much anything Dub featuring the vocals of Michael Rose (Black Uhuru vocalist). After hearing this, hopefully you will too. D-D-DWEET!

(review from
Heartbeat recently released the album 'Dance Wicked' from former Black Uhuru lead vocalist Michal Rose. "Dub Wicked" features the 12 dubs to the vocal cuts of "Dance Wicked". Mafia and Fluxy produced both albums and play all the instruments (additional musician : Red Eye). Mafia and Fluxy have tried to produce a dub album inna " original old school, heavy dubwize, bass and drums and echo, extra echo, Tubby's style, yardee style" fashion. The result sounds wicked ! It's a real dub album, with the vocals of Michael Rose echoing and fading, deep bass sounds and distorted drumrolls as the solid foundation. "Dub Wicked" is one of the few true dub albums of the Nineties!

1. Dub well happy
2. Wicked dub
3. Lion jungle dub
4. Gold mine
5. Dreadlocks in dub
6. Reality dub
7. Straight to landlord's head
8. Blinding version
9. Goodbye
10. Mind this yah dub
11. Dub up
12. Ghetto life



Anonymous said...

Ummm, the link?

AMP said...

click 'download'

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

That link wasn't really there a minute ago was it?

XMP said...

no you're not tripping. I somehow spaced the download code when I posted this at work - then caught it once I got home and fixed it up. LOL

we are human after all! just barely.

OneTwo3 said...

Any chance you have (and are willing to share) "Dance Wicked"?

AMP said...

sorry to say i've only got the dubs to offer up. i'll keep a lookout for it.

XMP said...

oddly enough, I've never felt the need to search out original Uhuru or Michael Rose stuff that I have Versions or Dubs of. His voice is funny and is a nice touch w/ the dub, but he can also be a bit much with the full vocals. Its all love though.

Koen said...

Listening to it now, sounds pretty cool, thanks!
You got the original album Dance Wicked as well by any chance? Always nice to compare!

Oh, I've added you among my links.