Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Augustus Pablo - Rockers Meets King Tubby In A Fire House (Re-Issue w/ Bonus Tracks) (re-post)


Augustus Pablo - Rockers Meets King Tubby In A Fire House (Re-Issue w/ Bonus Tracks)
Label: Shanachie
Record date: 1980
Album style: Dub, Lee Library, Reggae, Rockers, Roots, Tubby
Notes: This is a re-post (click to view PMX's excellent original write-up), except that this is actually the CD reissue w/ bonus tracks 10-13.

1. Rockers Meet King Tubbys Inna Fire House
2. Short Man Dub
3. Zion Is A Home
4. Dub In Matthew's Lane Arena
5. Jah Say Dub
6. Son Of Jah Dub
7. Simeon Tradition
8. Selassie I Dub
9. Jah Mouly Ital Sip
10. Son Of Man Dub*
11. Rasta To The Hills*
12. Twin Seal Dub*
13. House Of Dub Version*

Producer: Augustus Pablo
Engineer: Augustus Pablo, Prince Jammy, King Tubby
Drums: Albert Malawi, Leroy Horsemouth Wallace, Mikey Boo Richards
Bass: Junior Dan, Michael Taylor, Robbie Shakespeare & Bugsy
Rhythm Guitar: Cleon, Fazal Prendergast
Lead Guitar: Chinna, Dalton Brownie
Organ: Augustus Pablo
Piano: Augustus Pablo
Horns: Deadly Headly
Melodica: Augustus Pablo
Percussions: Teo Benjamin, Sticky, Jah Levi
Strings: Augustus Pablo
Studio: King Tubby's (Kingston, JA)



XMP said...

this one's a killer. easy in the top 5 favorite Dubs of all time category.

hemp_lovr said...
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hemp_lov'r said...

who-a say JAH NO DREAD?>

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squam bod said...

jahnosehsanohseen? yanevaknowadat!

Anonymous said...

flavor flav a rule d'area