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Keith Hudson - Pick A Dub


Keith Hudson - Pick A Dub
Label: Blood And Fire, 1994
Record date: 1974
Album style: Dub, Lee Library, Reggae, Roots

One of the earliest dub albums to be released (1974). Ultra-heavy bass and drum rhythms propelled by Carlton and Aston Barrett (better known as the Wailers' rhythm section) collide with snatches of vocal from Horace Andy, Big Youth and Hudson himself. More than 20 years after the record's first release the raw edge of experimentation still shocks and excites.

1. Pick A Dub
2. Black Heart
3. Michael Talbot Affair
4. Don't Move
5. Blood Brother
6. Dreaded Than
7. In The Rain
8. Part 1-2 Dubwise
9. Black Right
10. Satia
11. I'm All Right
12. Depth Charge

Producers: Aston Barrett, Keith Hudson
Backing Band: The Soul Syndicate
Drums: Carlton Barrett
Bass: Aston Barrett
Guitar: Chinna
Melodica: Augustus Pablo
Recording Studio: Harry J (Kingston, JA)
Mixing Studio: Harry J (Kingston, JA)



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