Monday, December 3, 2007

Brazilian Octopus

Brazilian Octopus
Label - Fermata/Som Livre (BR)
Recorded - 1970
Style - Funk, Jazz, Brazil, Percussion, Awesome, Octopus

(from Dusty Groove)
An incredible little record with a sound that's unlike anything else we've ever heard before -- a set that mixes jazzy inflections on vibes, organ, guitar, percussion, and flute -- the last of which is played here by a young Hermeto Pascoal! The set was done after Pascoal's work in Quarteto Novo but before some of his more complicated jazz albums of the 70s -- and it's got a style that mixes his own love of playful rhythms and complicated shadings with a lighter, freer approach to the music -- one that's almost in line with some of the EMI/Odeon work of the time, but which comes off with a slightly different feel. The drums get quite funky at times, and the mix of instruments reminds us a fair bit of the legendary Aquarians album on Uni from the US -- but with an influence that's more bossa-driven, in comparison to the Latin modes of that set. At times, there's a lightly dancing beauty to the record that's almost in soundtrack mode -- but tunes are more focused overall, and clearly aware of their own instrumental power.

1. Brazilian Octopus - Gamboa (3:30)
2. Brazilian Octopus - Rhodosando (1:37)
3. Brazilian Octopus - Canção Latina (2:27)
4. Brazilian Octopus - Pavane (2:33)
5. Brazilian Octopus - As Borboletas (2:52)
6. Brazilian Octopus - Momento B-8 (2:02)
7. Brazilian Octopus - Summerhill (1:59)
8. Brazilian Octopus - Gosto de Ser Como Sou (2:00)
9. Brazilian Octopus - Chayê (3:28)
10. Brazilian Octopus - Canção de Fim de tarde (1:34)
11. Brazilian Octopus - O Pássaro (2:35)
12. Brazilian Octopus - Casa Forte (2:24)



Johnny-Come-Lately said...

Awesome in deed! Thanks for another incredible rarity from Brazil!

brasil freeq said...

cheers cheers and another cheers, for good measure.

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XMP said...

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This is a true speciality! Thank you so much for posting this up!

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