Friday, December 7, 2007

Jah Thomas & Roots Radics - King Tubby's Hidden Treasure

Jah Thomas & Roots Radics - King Tubby's Hidden Treasure
Label - Trojan
Recorded - 1980s
Released - 1999
Style - Dub, Reggae, Dancehall, Tubby, Lee Library

A favorite DJ during the '70s and a pioneering dancehall producer during the '80s, Jah Thomas supervised some great sessions during the early '80s. The legendary Roots Radics band was associated with his Midnight Rock label, and the King Tubby's Hidden Treasure session was one of the best they produced. Recorded by the crack band -- Style Scott on drums, Flabba Holt on bass, Dwight Pinkney on guitar, and Bingy Bunny on rhythm guitar, plus Steely Johnson on organ and Dean Fraser on saxophone -- then mixed down by King Tubby himself, these tracks have the skeletal feel and lurching rhythms of early-'80s dancehall, including highlights like "King Tubby's Gold Dub" and "King Tubby's Grown Dub." A bare few here ("Pearl Dub," "King Tubby's Hidden Treasure") even anticipate the heavy, digital drum'n'bass beginning to come to the fore in Jamaican music. A great session, released by Trojan as part of a welcome reissue campaign. ~ John Bush, All Music Guide

1. King Tubby's Pearl Dub
2. King Tubby's Diamond Dub
3. King Tubby's Gold Dub
4. King Tubby's Platinum Dub
5. King Tubby's Grown Dub
6. King Tubby's Anchor Dub
7. King Tubby's Coral Dub
8. King Tubby's Emerald Dub
9. King Tubby's Copper Dub
10. King Tubby's Silver Dub
11. King Tubby's Jewel Dub
12. King Tubby's Brass Dub
13. King Tubby's Ruby Dub
14. King Tubby's Hidden Treasure
15. King Tubby's Sovereign Dub


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