Monday, December 17, 2007

Sly & Robbie - A Dub Experience

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Sly & Robbie - A Dub Experience
Label: Island
Record Date: 1984
Album style : Digital Dub, Dub, Lee Library, Paul 'Groucho' Smykle

A Dubwise Experience? Wrong! Eight Dubwise Experiences as I would say. Mixed by the hands of Paul "groucho" Smykle, the same who mixed the legendary DUB FACTOR (Black Uhuru) and the arguably even more legendary Ini Kamoze mini LP back in the 1980's, this album belongs in my personal all time top ten of favorite Dub Albums. The music on the album, needless to say actually when it's Sly and Robbie, is super tight! 1983. Digital Devices were not so common as today, and people were complaining about what they called a plastic sound. It's in this time, that Paul Smykle mixes some of the weirdest dubs with the use of these so-called plastic devices, at such a high level of skill, that many of today's DUB producers can only dream of making dub mixes like the ones presented on this CD. Without apology. Decennia later, this album is still ahead of it's time!

DUB is de-constructing and remixing reggae tunes. Smykle does that to the extreme, in this dubwise attack to your brain! Many wouldn't recognize the original even when they hear it. Most of the original tracks for this album, by the way, are pretty hard to get and have been topic of discussion in reggae newsgroups for a long time. Very special is "Danger Zone", sung by the legendary Errol Flabba Holt, super bassist from the Roots Radics in their Channel One period.

If you like dub, if you like Sly and Robbie, then this is an absolute must in your collection.

1. Destination Unknown
2. Assault On Station 5
3. Joy Ride
4. Demolition City
5. Computer Malfunction
6. Jailbreak
7. Skull & Crossbones
8. Back To Base

Producer: Robbie Shakespeare & Sly Dunbar
Mixing Engineer: Paul 'Groucho' Smykle
Backing Band: The Taxi Gang

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Anonymous said...

introduced to this record in '92. still loving it to this day and I would say it is this record that started my interest in dub. A bit clinical at times perhaps - but still brilliant all the same

XMP said...

yeah sly & robbie along with groucho can get a bit 'clinical' - but it's a big part of the digital dub revolution, and if you check the Uhuru Dub post above, that's a little less clinical and alot more spliffed out and spacey. love it!

drfeelgoed said...

This was THE album that introduced me to dub, massive!
As soon as it was released on CD I bought it, great album.

XMP said...

cheers. adding your blog to our links section!

Anonymous said...

just an amazing collection of dub.. and this is wise.. remarkable, many ites man! shackin!! dubby